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Rehab Programs in Elizabeth, New Jersey

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Elizabeth is the fourth largest city in the state of New Jersey with a total population of 124,969 as of 2010 census. The city is located in the county seat of Union County. Elizabeth was voted “America’s 50 Greenest Cities” in 2008 by Popular Science magazine, this was the only city in the state of New Jersey selected. Elizabeth is broken up into several  different districts and neighborhoods. Midtown, Broad St. & Morris Ave,  is the main commercial district. Bayway is located in the southern part of the City and borders the City of Linden.

There are unique ethnic restaurants, bars, and stores along Bayway Avenue, and a variety of houses of worship. Housing styles are older and well maintained. DownTown (also known as The Port, E-Port ), the oldest and perhaps the most diverse place in the City, is a collection of old world Elizabeth, new America, and a mix of colonial-style houses and apartment buildings that stretch east of Routes 1 & 9 to its shores. Elmora is a middle/working-class neighborhood in the western part of Elizabeth.  Frog Hollow is a small community of homes just west of the Arthur Kill, and south of Elizabeth Avenue. Keighry Head is located close to Midtown.

North Elizabeth, also known as the “North End,” is mainly a diverse working-class neighborhood, it has easy access to New York and Newark. Peterstown (also known as “The Burg”) is a middle/working-class neighborhood in the southeastern part of the city. The Point is centrally located and defined by New Point Road, located close to Midtown. Quality Hill is located north of Bayway and to the west of Peterstown, it is a middle-class neighborhood that is home to Trinitas Hospital, the Main Complex, and the Edison Academy. Westminster contains many distinctive properties, the Elizabeth River runs through Westminster culminating in a dramatic splash of greenery and rolling hills off of North Avenue, near Liberty Hall.

The City of Elizabeth has a Growing Need for Drug Rehabs

The city of Elizabeth is full of many beautiful neighbor hoods and greenery that attacks many who work in the busy cities but want a more “relaxed” home environment. Many of the residents have secret addictions to Prescription medications, so developed this addiction accidentally by the medication they were prescribed for medically legit reasons that they just continued its use after because they enjoyed its effects and others who are just looking for a “kick” to get through the day. Regardless to the reason, prescription drug abuse is a growing problem throughout the United States, with an drastic increase in emergency department visits and treatment admissions. Many prescription drug abusers are under the misconception that they are safer to use than illicit drugs, this is not true, they are just as dangerous when used incorrectly.

Prescription drug abuse

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the three classes of prescription drugs that are often abused include:

  • opioids used to treat pain, induces a euphoric feeling
  • central nervous system (CNS) depressants used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders, has a calming effect
  • stimulants used to treat and narcolepsy  (a sleep disorder), increases alertness, energy, and attention

Taking prescription medications incorrectly and for a long period of time can have serious effects on the body, it can even lead to death. Opioid abuse greatly increases risk of respiratory depression and even death. After taking CNS depressants for a long period of time, stopping suddenly can have life-threatening consequences such as seizures.  Using stimulants with decongestants may cause irregular heart rhythms, and high doses of stimulants can cause high body temperatures. It is not just addiction you should be worried about when popping that next pill, you could die!

Elizabeth NJ Treatment Programs

Drug treatment programs in Elizabeth New Jersey are here to help you over come this addiction. You will enter into a detox programs to cleanse your body of any drugs while under the supervision of a Doctor you will be given prescribed non-addictive medications to lessen the affects of withdrawal. You will then enter into counseling, in both group and individual settings, you will get to the rout cause of your addiction as well as learn ways to prevent relapse. You are not alone, friends and family as well as the Doctors and Staff in Elizabeth’s treatment facilities are here to help you remain sober. Call today…