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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in New Mexico

New Mexico has a long history of alcoholism and drug addiction, and rates of abuse and dependence on alcohol and drug continue to be above the national average. The National Survey on Drug Use and health reports for individuals 12-17, New Mexico has had some of the highest rates in the country for past month illicit drug use, past year marijuana use and past year cocaine use. Also, New Mexico rates of past month marijuana use and rates of past month use of any illicit drug other than marijuana, for all age groups, have consistently been among the highest rates in the country. Alcohol continues to be the leading cause of admission to drug and alcohol rehabs in New Mexico accounting for approximately 35% of admissions, and alcohol with the use of a secondary drug accounted for 15% of treatment admissions.

New Mexico Alcohol & Drug Abuse Rehabs

Rates of abuse or dependence on alcohol in New Mexico have consistently been above the national average for all age groups. In recent years there have been a decrease in the mentions of alcohol upon treatment admission. In 1992 an overwhelming 89% of admissions had mentioned alcohol, to a still very high 56% mentioning alcohol upon admission in 2006. Further reports from the Treatment Episode Data Set indicates that alcohol only admissions have dropped to just over 34% in 2006. With alcohol only admissions declining as well as mentions of alcohol upon admission, New Mexico still has a rate of unmet alcohol treatment above the national average.

Among all age groups, New Mexico consistently has a rate of abuse or dependence on drugs above the national rate. There have been increases in the mention of drugs upon treatment admission, with methamphetamine being the most drastic. Additional reports from the TEDS indicate drug only admissions accounted for 22% of admissions in 2006, and admissions with no substance of abuse increased to 27% in 2006. In recent years, with admissions rising for drug admissions and citizens receiving the help they need, the rate of unmet drug treatment has declined in New Mexico lower than the national average.

New Mexico Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs Offer Addiction Solutions

New Mexico has a total of 120 facilities during 2006 according to the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. Tribal governments owned/operated 11 of these facilities, and an additional 32 facilities offered treatment in American Indian languages. During 2006 78% of the drug and alcohol rehab programs in New Mexico received Federal, State, county or local government funds, and 60% had contracts with managed care organizations. Insurance companies are not required to cover treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab program in New Mexico. Thanks to the number of Government funds as well as managed care contracts, you or your loved one are able to get the needed drug or alcohol treatment and live a better life.