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Drug Rehab Programs in New Mexico

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health has indicated that New Mexico has some of the highest rates in the country for individual age 12-17 regarding past month use if any illicit drug as well as past year use of marijuana and cocaine. Additional information reports for all age groups New Mexico has one of the highest rates for the use of any illicit drug other than marijuana. The NSDUH also indicated that approximately 42,000 New Mexico citizens reported past year illicit drug abuse or dependence, approximately 29,000 reported past year drug dependence and approximately 39,000 citizens of New Mexico reported needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug use within the past year.

Cocaine Abuse & Distribution Pose a Major Threat to NM

Throughout the state of New Mexico, the distribution and use of cocaine and crack is one of the major drug problems according to law enforcement. Both crack and cocaine remain readily available. Mexican drug trafficking organizations transport the majority of cocaine into New Mexico. The increasing availability of cocaine poses a major threat to the younger population of New Mexico, evidence is from the state having one of the highest rates of past year cocaine use among citizens age 12-17.

New Mexico is Known for Record Rates of Heroin Abuse

In recent years the availability of heroin has increased in New Mexico. The Espanola Valley in New Mexico is known to have the highest per capita heroin overdose death rate in the U.S.

Marijuana Abuse Leads to Rehabilitation or Jail

Marijuana continues to be the most readily available illicit drug in New Mexico. The majority of the marijuana present within the state originated in Mexico. During 2007 more than 3,000 marijuana plants were eradicated and seized within the state of New Mexico. Marijuana accounted for approximately 60% of the Federal drug cases in New Mexico.

Meth Abuse

Methamphetamine continues to be readily available in New Mexico. In recent years meth lab seizures have dropped from 197 incidents in 2003 to 19 in 2007, but seizures of methamphetamine originating in Mexico have drastically increased.

Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs

Throughout New Mexico club drugs such as ecstasy, ketamine, LSD and GHB remain readily available. during 2007 there were more than 2,000 dosage units of ecstasy seized in New Mexico.

Drug Abuse Takes its Toll on New Mexico Residents

Additional information from the 2005-2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicated that approximately 132,000 citizens in New Mexico reported using an illicit drug within the past month.