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Rehab Programs in Rio Rancho, Nevada

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According to the 2010 Census the population of Rio Rancho is 87,521 which makes it the third largest city in New Mexico. It is part of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical area. The city is bordered by Albuquerque, Bernalillo, Corrales and the Santa Ana Indian Reservation. The climate in Rio Rancho is considered to be a mild high desert climate with sunny summers and mild winters. The motto of Rio Rancho is “City of Vision” because the city takes pride in continuously improving the city in an effort to provide a bright and exciting future. There are currently many new projects in the works in an attempt to improve the city. Rio Rancho is considered to be New Mexico’s fastest growing and safest city.

The area was originally inhabited by the Anasazi Indians. In 1710 it was founded as part of the Alameda Grant by the Spanish. In 1961 Amrep Corporation purchased 55,000 acres of the grant and turned it into the Rio Rancho Estates that were largely inhabited by New Yorkers. The population continued to grow at a rapid speed and in 1981 it was incorporated in to New Mexico as the City of Rio Rancho. The city is home to the Intel Corporation which is also the city’s largest employer. The economy is largely supported by the Intel Corporation as well as by the government and retail. Though Rio Rancho is continuously making efforts to improve the city, it still has a growing prescription drug abuse problem.

Prescription drug abuse in Rio Rancho

Prescription drug abuse has been increasing at an alarming speed throughout the country. Abuse of prescription drugs has increased by four hundred percent since 1998 and it is estimated that it will continue to increase. One in five people have reportedly misused prescription drugs at least once in their lifetime. This ongoing problem has extended to the City of Rio Rancho as well.  Rio Rancho has been plagued with prescription drug abuse for some time now and the rate of abuse is rapidly increasing. It is believed that much of the illegal prescription drugs that are sold on the street are obtained through illegal prescription practices. Prescription drugs are also smuggled into the city from Mexico where they can be bought over the counter.

Prescription drug abuse has become widely popular among teens and young adults in Rio Rancho. This is a major concern for many of the city’s residents who worry about the heath and safety of their teen and young adult population. In the past few years Rio Rancho has had many incidents of teens being hospitalized for overdose and prescription drug abuse related injuries or sicknesses. Many teens in Rio Rancho obtain the prescription drugs by stealing them from family members. In an effort to stop this practice Rio Rancho has began prescription drug take back days where people can dispose of unused prescription drugs in a safe manner. This has helped cut down on the amount of prescription drugs teens are able to steal.

Prescription drug abuse

There are a vast number of prescription drugs available on the market today. When used properly prescription drugs are a vital part of the medical field and can be credited with saving lives, curing or treating illness and reducing uncomfortable or painful symptoms. Prescription drugs are legal for an individual to consume when they have been prescribed to that individual by a licensed health care provided and when used in accordance to the health care provider’s orders. When consumed illegally prescription drugs can be extremely dangerous and in many cases they can also be addictive. Prescription drug abuse has become widely popular among teens and young adults. The term “pharming” is used by teens to describe illegally abusing prescription drugs and trading them amongst friends. Illegal consumption of prescription drugs is very dangerous and can lead to addiction, adverse health effects, injury and even fatalities from overdose.

Rehabilitation Centers in Rio Rancho NM Offer Solutions

Prescription drug addiction is a serious problem and the rehabilitation centers in Rio Rancho, New Mexico are here to help. Individuals do not have to fight their addictions alone. Experienced professionals can support and guide individuals on their road to recovery.