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Rehab Centers in Roswell, New Mexico

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Roswell is the fifth largest city in New Mexico. According to the 2010 Census the population of Roswell is 48,366. It is part of Chaves County. The climate in Roswell is considered to be semi-arid. It is the dairy capital of the Southwest and the center for irrigation farming, petroleum production and ranching. Nicknames for the city include “All American City” and “Alien City”. Roswell was founded in 1869 when Van C. Smith and his partner Aaron Wilburn when they constructed two adobe buildings. The two buildings originally served as a general store, a post office and sleeping quarters for paying guests.

In 1871 Smith filed a claim with the federal government for the land around the two buildings. It was named Roswell after Smith’s father Roswell Smith. Roswell is infamously known for the 1947 UFO crash. The crash didn’t actually take place in Roswell but the remnants of the crash were handled at the Roswell Army Air Field. The unexplained incident has lead to speculation that it was an alien aircraft and the belief that there was a mass cover up by the government to hide the evidence of alien life forms. Since the incident Roswell has attracted a large following of individuals who believe in aliens and who wished to uncover what really happened in 1947. Roswell’s regional area sees over four million tourists annually and much of the tourism is a result of the 1947 UFO incident.

The city is host the annual “UFO Festival” and many other alien and UFO related attractions. It is also home to the Bottomless Lakes and the New Mexico Military Institution. Other popular tourist attractions include bike trails, golf courses, hiking trails and wildlife refuges.  Roswell also faces a growing problem with drug abuse and methamphetamine abuse in specific.

Methamphetamine abuse on the rise in Roswell, New Mexico

Methamphetamine abuse has been on the rise in Roswell, New Mexico. It is widely available and easily accessible on the streets and the availability and the abuse of methamphetamine is continuously increasing. Much of the methamphetamine that comes into the city is smuggled in through Mexico by Mexican criminal groups. It is then distributed throughout the city by street gangs and independent drug dealers. Production of methamphetamine is also becoming more common in Roswell. The vast rural landscape of Roswell makes the city a prime location for methamphetamine production. The methamphetamine production labs in Roswell range from very small to huge labs that are capable of producing multi-pound batches of methamphetamine at a time. Methamphetamine abuse is also becoming more popular amongst teens and young adults which is a cause for concern for many Roswell residents. The increase in methamphetamine production and abuse has also lead to an increase in violence which is another concern for Roswell citizens.


Methamphetamine is also known as methylamphetamine, methamfetamin, N-methylamphetamine and desoxyephedrine. It is a psychoactive drug in the phenethylamine and amphetamine class of drugs. Slang terms for the drug include meth, ice, tik, crystal meth, glass, tina and crank. Methamphetamine is used medicinally to treat ADHD when other medications have not worked. It was once used to treat obesity and narcolepsy but these uses of the drug have gone out practice due to the high rate of addictiveness. Methamphetamine can be consumed orally, injected, snorted or as a suppository but the most common form of ingestion is smoking the drug using a glass pipe. Methamphetamine is highly addictive and extremely dangerous. Methamphetamine use can have very unpredictable effects on the user but the most common effects include euphoria, insomnia, paranoia, rapid weight loss, dizziness, hallucinations, dry mouth, jaw clenching, twitching and feelings of invincibility. Energy level, alertness, aggression, irritability, concentration, anxiety, libido and sociability may all also increase as a result of methamphetamine use. Adverse health effects associated with methamphetamine abuse include increased risk of stroke, heart attack and hypertension. It is also common for frequent methamphetamine users to develop a condition referred to as “meth mouth” where the user’s teeth rot or fall out extremely quickly. This is likely due to the dry mouth, jaw clenching and teeth grinding that are common with methamphetamine abuse.

Roswell NM Rehabilitation Centers

The rehabilitation centers in Roswell, New Mexico are waiting to help people suffering from methamphetamine addiction as well as addiction to other drugs and alcohol. Help is out there when individuals are ready to overcome their addictions.