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Rehab Programs in Bismarck, North Dakota

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Bismarck is the capital of the state of North Dakota and the county seat of Burleigh County. It is the second most populated city in North Dakota with a population of 61,272 as of the 2010 census. Located on the east bank of Missouri River. Towering over the central part of Bismarck is the North Dakota State Capitol, the tallest building in the state. The cities economy is  fueled by the state government which employees more than 4,000 citizens. The city is also a central location of retail and health care.

Bismarck is the economic center of a large portion of the south-central part of North Dakota as well as north-central South Dakota. Bismarck is home to five colleges and universities, The University of Mary, Bismarck State College, North Dakota University System, United Tribes Technical College and Rasmussen College.

Alcohol Abuse on campus

With all of the colleges and universities in Bismarck there has been a growing problem with alcohol abuse with its young students. Most students are exposed to alcohol during college. They have a choice, like everyone, to take that drink or to say no. The problem is with peer pressure and the pressures of school many choose to drink alcohol as a form of stress relief and socializing with other young adults. Many look at it as all fun and games, but little do they know, they are setting themselves up for health issues due to chronic use of alcohol, as well as negative effects on their academics, work and social life. It is very easy to slip into the grips of alcoholism, becoming dependent on this substance, as if it is needed to survive. Even if the alcohol consumption and partying does not turn into an addiction they still face negative effects due to binge drinking, many find themselves in the hospital with alcohol poisoning because they let things get out of control.

The effects of alcohol consumption

The health effects of chronic, long term, use of alcohol vary from the amount of alcohol used regularly. Alcoholism is the first threat of alcohol abuse, the body begins to depend on alcohol, building a tolerance where more alcohol is needed to reach the same desired effect and withdrawal symptoms occur when alcohol consumption is stopped drastically.  Long term use of alcohol can cause cardiovascular disease, malabsorption, chronic pancreatitis, alcohol liver disease and cancer. Chronic alcohol abuse can cause damage to the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. The long term use of alcohol can damage every organ and system in the body, it can be fatal. Young, developing, adolescent brains (such as Bismarck’s college students) are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of alcohol.

Alcohol does not only effect your health but your judgment. When drunk, many make the mistake of driving. There was 13,470 fatalities in 2006 caused by DUI drivers. Drunk drivers are not only risking their lives but the lives of everyone else out on the roads. Not to mention the criminal charges involved in arrests due to drunk driving. Sexual transmitted disease are typically transmitted when young adults have unprotected sex because they are drunk and not thinking clearly. Alcohol can bring out violence in  the user as well as other inappropriate behaviors. Those intoxicated by Alcohol just do not think of the consequences of their actions while drunk, alcohol gives the illusion of being invincible.

Bismarck ND Rehab Centers Help Overcome Addiction

Do not waste another minute on alcohol. Bismarck North Dakota’s rehab programs are here to help you overcome this life consuming addiction. Do not be afraid of the symptoms of withdrawal, there are doctor prescribed medications that you can be given to help lessen these symptoms. You will receive counseling in both a group and individual setting, this will help you understand your addiction as well as treat the emotional damage it has left behind. Any physical or mental health issues that have occurred due to chronic use of alcohol will be treated.

You have to be ready to stop to be successful in beating this addiction. You will always be exposed to alcohol and need to learn how to control your cravings as well as avoid situations that could lead to a relapse. AA meetings will help you.

Do not hesitate any longer, contact a Bismarck North Dakota rehab today and start on the road to recovery…