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Drug Rehab Programs in North Dakota

North Dakota has long struggled with the abuse of illicit drugs. Reports from the 2005-2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that North Dakota is among those states with the highest rate of dependence on illicit drugs in the country, for age groups 12 and older as well as individuals from 12 to 17. In recent years, according to the Treatment Episode Data Set drug only admissions have grown to over 30% of treatment admissions in North Dakota. with significant increases in mentions of marijuana and methamphetamine upon admission to drug rehab programs. Additional data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Heath indicates that approximately 12,000 North Dakota citizens reported past year drug dependence or abuse, 9,000 reported drug dependence within the past year and approximately 11,000 citizens of North Dakota reported needing but not receiving treatment for drug use within the past year.

Recent Reports Indicate a Drop in Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine has recently lost popularity as being one of the drugs of choice in North Dakota. Cocaine is available throughout the state but more and more people are turning to methamphetamine.

Heroin Abuse

The use and distribution of heroin has not posed a significant threat in North Dakota. The majority of the heroin present is black tar heroin originating in Mexico.

Methamphetamine Abuse is Filling the Prisons & Rehabs in North Dakota

The use and distribution of methamphetamine in North Dakota remains the number one concern among law enforcement and health officials. Mexican produced methamphetamine is transported from California and Washington and distributed throughout North Dakota. During 2007, authorities in North Dakota reported 18 meth lab incidents within the state, down from 36 in the previous year and 160 in 2005. Methamphetamine accounted for more than 80% Federal drug offenses in north Dakota.

Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs

Small quantities of club drugs remain available in North Dakota, but are not recognized as a significant threat.

Throughout ND Marijuana Remains the Drug of Choice

Marijuana remains one of the primary drugs of choice throughout North Dakota. The majority of the marijuana is transported from Mexico, and there have been reports of dramatic increases of Canadian cultivated marijuana throughout the state. During 2007 there were 574 marijuana plants eradicated in North Dakota, and over 266 kilograms if marijuana seized by Federal authotities.