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Rehab Programs in Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus is the capital of Ohio. It is also the largest city in Ohio with a population of 787,033 residents according the 2010 Census. Columbus was founded in 1812 and named after the explorer Christopher Columbus. It was founded at the junction of the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers. It became known as “The Arch City” at the turn of the twentieth century due to the dozens of wooden arches on high street. The climate transitions between humid continental and humid subtropical so the winters are cold and dry and the summers are hot and muggy.

The economy is very diverse and includes technology, education, banking, insurance, defense, medical research, aviation and fashion. Columbus is renowned for being technologically sophisticated. It is home to the Battelle Memorial Institute which is the world’s largest research and development foundation and the Center of Science and Industry which is one of the most well respected science centers in the country. The city of Columbus has been named as one of the best places to raise a family by Business Week in 2009. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has also been ranked as one of the best zoos in the country. The city of Columbus has many outstanding attributes but it also suffers from an ongoing crack cocaine problem.

Ongoing Crack Cocaine problem in Columbus, Ohio

Crack cocaine is a widespread problem across the country, especially in urban areas, and Columbus is no different.  Crack cocaine is a significant threat for Columbus and is the most common drug associated with violent crimes in the city. Police have named Mexican and Dominican criminal groups as the transporters of crack cocaine into the city. It is believed that these criminal groups enlist smaller street gangs to distribute the drug. This is a threat to the city because crack cocaine and street gangs are both frequently linked to violent crimes.

Crack cocaine

Crack cocaine is also known as rock, base, iron or just crack. It is a powerful stimulant and it is extremely addictive. Crack cocaine is a freebase form of cocaine that is derived from boiling a mixture of powdered cocaine and other substances into a solid substance that resembles a white rock. It was termed crack because of the sound it makes while it is produced and while it is smoked.  Crack cocaine is almost always consumed through smoking it. The effect crack has on the user is an immediate and intense sense of euphoria that lasts anywhere from five minutes to thirty minutes. This is due to the brain releasing a large amount of dopamine which causes the intense sense of euphoria that the user is feeling.

When the high wears off the user’s dopamine level drops drastically which leaves the user feeling very down and depressed. The user will commonly smoke more crack cocaine in hopes to achieve the same intense euphoria even though it is not likely they will be able to achieve the same level of intensity. It takes time for the body to restore the dopamine level so the user’s body will not be able to release more dopamine and induce the same euphoric sensation.Other common effects of crack cocaine include insomnia, loss of appetite, increased energy and heart rate, paranoia, twitching, tremors, alertness, raised body temperature and a strong urge to consume more crack cocaine.

There are many reports of users binging on crack cocaine for up to three days without sleep. The use of crack cocaine is very dangerous because it may cause seizures, raised blood pressure, constricted blood vessels, and cardiac or respiratory arrest which may be fatal.

Columbus Ohio Rehabilitation Centers

Crack cocaine can take a powerful hold on the user which makes it extremely hard for users to quit abusing the drug. Users typically feel powerless to their addiction but there is help out there. The rehabilitation centers in Columbus, Ohio can help people overcome there addiction to crack cocaine and other drugs and alcohol. Users do not have to feel alone in their struggle to overcome addiction. The rehabilitation centers in Columbus, Ohio can provide support, guidance, and the experience and knowledge needed to conquer addiction. Sobriety is possible for everyone.