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Rehab Programs in Toledo, Ohio

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Toledo is the fourth largest city in Ohio. According to the 2010 Census the population is 287,208. It is located in Northwest Ohio on the western end of Lake Erie. It was originally part of Michigan territory on the banks of the Maumee River but after the Toledo War it was refounded as part of Ohio. Toledo was founded in 1833 when the towns of Vistula and Port Lawrence merged in order to compete against rival towns for the chance to be the ending terminus of the Miami and Erie Canal. Many small towns on the shore of the Maumee River competed to be the ending terminus because they knew it would be profitable for their town. In the end Toledo lost to Manhattan.

The origin of the name Toledo is unknown but there are many myths that explain the reasoning behind why the city was named Toledo. One of the most popular myths attributes the name to a merchant named Willard J. Daniels who suggested Toledo because there are no other cities in America with the name and it is pleasant sounding and easy to pronounce. The climate in Toledo is humid continental and the city experiences four distinct seasons. It is nicknamed “The Glass City” because of Toledo’s long history of glass innovation from windows to bottles to glass art. The economy is strongly based in healthcare, auto assembly and glass work.

Auto assembly was once the biggest employer in the city but it is now healthcare. The city takes much pride in its art community and is home to the Peristyle, a concert hall that is host to international orchestras. The Peristyle is also home to the Toledo Symphony Orchestra. The Valentine Theatre is a historic site and home to the Toledo Opera. Other attractions in Toledo include the Toledo Museum of Art, Collingwood Arts Center and The Stranahan Theater. Unfortunately within the city of Toledo there are many people who are abusing alcohol or dependent on alcohol.

Alcohol abuse in Toledo, Ohio

The abuse of alcohol and alcohol dependency are a problem all across the country and Toledo, Ohio is no different. Alcohol abuse and dependency effects people of all races, social statuses, religions and backgrounds. Approximately 742,000 individuals in Ohio are alcohol dependent.  It is estimated that in Ohio approximately 57,000 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 are addicted to alcohol. An estimated 2,294,000 individuals in Ohio will binge drink at least once in a month’s period and 112,000 of those individuals are between the ages of 12 and 17. Alcohol consumption is legal for individuals who are twenty one years of age or older in the United States but it is often easily accessible to teenagers as well.  Teenage alcohol abuse is a growing concern for citizens in Toledo, Ohio because consuming alcohol can lead to poor decision making and drinking while intoxicated. Many teenage fatalities are the result of alcohol related car accidents which could have been prevented.

Alcohol abuse and Alcohol dependency

Alcohol has been consumed by humans since prehistoric times and it is a widely accepted practice throughout the United States. Alcohol can be purchased in the form of wine, liquor or beer and can be found at most grocery stores, convenient stores and liquors stores. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to intoxication or drunkenness. The effects of being intoxicated vary depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, the body size of the individual and the tolerance level of the individual.

Typical effects of intoxication include decreased coordination, loss of inhibitions, dizziness, blurred vision, slowed reflexes, impaired judgment, confusion, increased sociability and self confidence, lapses in memory, drowsiness, vomiting and unconsciousness. Frequent and excessive alcohol consumption may lead the user to become physically dependent on alcohol. When an individual is alcohol dependent and they stop or decrease their alcohol use they may experience withdrawal symptoms that include vomiting, head aches, tremors, insomnia, irritability and seizures. This makes it extremely hard for alcoholics to quit consuming alcohol.

Help is waiting at Toledo, OH Treatment Centers

The treatment centers in Toledo, Ohio are here to help those fighting with alcohol addiction and drug addiction. Experienced professionals will guide individuals through the rehabilitation process and help them overcome addiction so they may go on to live a happy and sober life.