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Alcohol Rehab Programs in Oklahoma

According to alcohol rehab programs in Oklahoma, alcohol has consistently been the leading cause of rehab admission. During 2007 alone, more than 36% of admissions were from the abuse or dependence on alcohol. Of these admissions, 3,151 had mentioned the abuse of alcohol only, and another 2,960 admissions had mentioned the abuse of alcohol as well as the use of a secondary drug. The good news is that there is help for you or your loved one suffering from alcohol addiction. During 2006, the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services reported a total of 176 alcohol treatment programs in Oklahoma. An estimated 65% of these Oklahoma rehab programs receive some from of Federal, State, county or local government funds, and another 20% have agreements or contracts with manage care organizations for the provision of substance abuse treatment services. These funds and contract make alcohol treatment in Oklahoma highly accessible. Call our alcohol addiction helpline if you or your loved is battling alcoholism.

Underage Treatment in Oklahoma

Underage drinking is a widespread and growing problem in Oklahoma. Each year in Oklahoma an estimated 165,000 individuals under 21 drink, drastically increasing the risk of developing alcohol dependence than those who begin drinking at age 21. During 2007, underage drinking cost the citizens of Oklahoma $939 million, translating to a cost of $2,634 per year for each youth in the state, ranking Oklahoma the 14th highest in the country for the cost per youth of underage drinking. During 2007, a total of 449 youth age 12-20 were admitted for alcohol treatment in Oklahoma, accounting for 7% of all alcohol rehab program admissions. According to the the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, 43% of Oklahoma high school students reported having one drink of alcohol on one or more occasion in the past 30 days, and 28% reported binge drinking in the past 30 days. Underage drinking is a serious issue throughout the state of Oklahoma and should not be ignored. If you know an underage drinker who is in need of alcohol treatment, contact us today for help.

Alcohol Treatment in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a high and growing rate of unmet alcohol treatment. During 2005 the statistics on alcohol abuse or dependence were very alarming, with an estimated 227,000 citizens of Oklahoma reporting the abuse of alcohol. The more alarming statistic is that only 13,000 of these individuals received the proper alcohol treatment. With the abuse of alcoholism rising in Oklahoma, there have also been direct increases in crime, poverty, abuse and violence as well as many broken families and destroyed relationships. The most important step has been made by coming to this page and admitting you or a loved one are suffering from alcoholism. Take the next step on the road to recovery by contacting us, and receiving the proper treatment from an alcohol rehab program in Oklahoma.