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Drug Rehab Programs in Oklahoma

Oklahoma serves as a transshipment point for many illicit drugs being transported to the eastern United States. Rates of dependence on or abuse of illicit drugs as well as the rateof unmet drug treatment in Oklahoma have generally been above the national rates. Methamphetamine, primarily crystal meth is the primary drug threat throughout Oklahoma. Cocaine is also recognized as a significant problem throughout Oklahoma, mainly in urban areas where crack is readily available. According to the 2005-2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health approximately 224,000 citizens in Oklahoma reported past month use of an illicit drug. Additional data from these surveys indicates that approximately 82,000 citizens of Oklahoma reported past year drug dependence or abuse, as well as approximately 61,000 reported past year illicit drug dependence.

Cocaine is a Major Threat Throughout Oklahoma

Cocaine remains readily available throughout Oklahoma and crack remains a major drug threat in the urban areas of the state. Close to 90 kilograms of cocaine were seized by Federal agencies during 2007.

Heroin Abuse

Heroin is available in Oklahoma but the demand for this illicit drug has decreased, due to rapid growth of methamphetamine use.

Meth Abuse in Oklahoma is the Primary Drug Threat

Mexican produced methamphetamine, primarily crystal meth, remains the primary drug threat throughout Oklahoma. In recent years there has been a drastic increase in the availability of crystal meth in Oklahoma. Approximately 5.5% of high school students in Oklahoma surveyed in 2007 reported using methamphetamine at least once in their lifetime.

OK Drug Rehabs Report Admission Increases Due to Marijuana Abuse

More than any other illicit drug in Oklahoma, marijuana continues to be readily available and widely abused. In recent years drug rehabs in Oklahoma have seen drastic increases in admissions for the use of marijuana. The majority of marijuana present within the state originated in Mexico and is transported by Mexican drug trafficking organizations. During 2007 there were more than 22,000 marijuana plants eradicated in Oklahoma.

Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs Abuse is Increasing

Oklahoma has witnessed an increase in both the availability and use of club drugs throughout the state. The majority of the ecstasy encountered in Oklahoma is transported from Nevada, Texas and the West Coast. There more than 700 dosage units of ecstasy seized during 2007.

There is an Overwhelming Need for Treatment from Rehabs in Oklahoma

Additional data provided from the 2005-2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that approximately 77,000 citizens of Oklahoma reported needing but not receiving treatment for past year drug use. If you or your loved one is in need of treatment for drug use contact us today in order to find the right drug rehab program in Oklahoma.