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Rehab Programs in Norman, Oklahoma

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Norman is the third largest city in the state of Oklahoma with a population of 110,825 as of the 2010 census. Located in Cleveland County, Norman is the county’s center for business and employment. The cities economy is fueled by its colleges and universities. The University of Oklahoma calls Norman home with around 30,000 students. Known as one of the best small cities to live in throughout the United States, Norman has substance abuse problems like most other college towns.

Alcohol abuse among college students is over whelming the cities residents. Most college campuses have alcohol and drug policies they they stand strong in support of but like most young adults these rules and policies are ignored. Risking their health and academic carriers for nights of binge drinking, these young people are only setting themselves up for the chance of becoming addicted to alcohol, to become psychically dependent.

Alcohol abuse on campus

According to the Core Insititue, the United States’ largest national statistics database on alcohol and drug use by college students, nearly 73% of students admit to drinking at least occasionally. The use of alcohol is not just a problem on campuses in the city of Norman but throughout the United States.

According to the Ferderal Centers for Disease Control, one in four young adults (ages 18 to 34) admit to binge drinking.  Binge drinking refers to the consumption of a large amount of alcohol in a short span of time. The federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines binge drinking for young women as four or more alcoholic drinks consumed in two or so hours, and for men as five or more drinks. Binge drinking can result in many different health effects such as alcohol poisoning and mistakes made by impaired judgment; driving under the influence risking ones life and the life of others, transmission of STD’s because of unprotected sex and violence that comes out while one is drunk. Alcohol abuse is one of the top preventable causes of death.

Alcohol consumption directly affects the students academic life. According to the Core statistics, 31% of college students missed a class due to substance abuse and 22% failed an exam or essay. It is predicted that 159,000 of the nation’s current freshmen will drop out of school because of alcohol or drug use.

Alcohol abuse leading to alcoholism

Alcoholism is defined as a disabling addictive disorder, a treatable disease. It is a compulsive and uncontrolled need to consume alcohol despite the negative effects it has on the drinkers health, social life and relationships. Long term use of alcohol can make physiological changes in the brain, a tolerance is developed along with physical dependency. This creates an compulsion to drink and an inability to stop drinking, when alcohol is stopped abruptly withdrawal symptoms set it. Alcohol affects nearly every organ in the human body, causing irreversible damage, as well as mental health issues. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 140 million alcoholics throughout the world.

Health effects associated with Alcohol use

  • Alcohol Poisoning
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Pancreatitis
  • Epilepsy
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Alcoholic dementia
  • Heart Disease
  • Nutrituonal deficiencies
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Reproductive failure
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Malabsorption
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Cancer
  • Central nervous system damage
  • Peripheral nervous system damage
  • Ketoacidosis

These health affects can be fatal…

Alcohol Addiction Treatment from Norman Oklahoma Rehabs

If you or someone you love is fighting with an addiction to alcohol contact a Norman Oklahoma rehab today. You will go through the detox process to cleanse your body as well as receive counseling in both a group and individual setting. You will learn how to avoid the temptation of alcohol as well as encouraged to continue of with AA meetings after leaving the facility.  Your life is important, do not drink it away. Start on the road of recovery today with the help of an Norman Oklahoma rehab today.