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Rehab Programs in Hillsboro, Oregon

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Hillsboro is the fifth largest city in the state of Orehon, with a population of 91,611 according to the 2010 census. Hilsboro is located in Tualatin Valley. They city is home to many high technology companies making up what is known as the Silicon Forest. Hillsboro’s economy is not just supported by the high-tech industry but by their health care, retail sales, and agriculture such as grades and wineries. The city is also home to the Pacific University’s Health Professions Campus. Hillsboro is known as a safe and affordable community and a place that’s residence are proud to call home. Hiding in the shadows of this high-tech and agricultural city is a problem that is shared with the rest of Oregon, Cocaine addiction. Cocaine is the largest threat to the state of Oregon as well as the city of Hillsboro.

Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine is typically found in two forms, crystal or freebase. The crystal form of cocaine is powder, it is snorted or mixed with water then injected intravenously. The freebase form of cocaine is called “crack”, it is smoked. The crystal form of cocaine is heated then mixed with ammonia, baking soda and water, its name comes from the crackling sound in makes when lit. Freebase cocaine is faster acting effects compared to crystal cocaine for the fact the it is inhaled directly, when snorted the crystal has to dissolve in the fluids of the body to feel the effects. When purchasing cocaine off the streets it is typically mixed with other substances making it extremely dangerous. It is commonly mixed with talcum powder, sugar and cornstarch. At times cocaine is mixed with amphetamines to increase the stimulant effects.  Cocaine is an highly addictive drug smoked, injected or snorted.

The Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine mainly affects the heart and lungs because it is a powerful stimulant. The part of the brain that deals with pleasure and rewards is affected, giving the euphoric feeling that makes the drug so addictive. Cocaine increases one energy, many go on several day long binges constantly taking hits, snorting or injecting to maintain their high. Cocaine use increases heart rate, elevating the blood pressure and causing fast breathing. Heart attack, cardiac arrest, respiratory failure and stroke can result from cocaine abuse. These normally happen to a long term Cocaine user but has happened to one time users as well, everyone’s reaction to the drug is different, some have even overdosed. Symptoms of over dose include, profuse sweating, extremely fast breathing, rapid heart beat, auditory hallucinations and high body temperature.

Hillsboro Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers

The way cocaine works on the brain to produce the euphoric high can make it extremely difficult to recover from its addiction. There are not commonly physical withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping cocaine use. The users typically suffer from depression, nervousness, mood swings and anxiety. The constant craving for the drug can be over whelming. Many cocaine addicts choose to enter into a rehab facility where they will receive 24-7 care to help them fight the battle of addiction. The typical length of stay in the treatment facility for cocaine addiction is six to twelve months because the cravings for the drug can become so severe. Even when leaving the facility with all of the counseling many users will relapse because they did not follow through with NA meetings or other out patient programs. This drug alters the brain to a point where it is almost impossible to do a day with out craving it. The goal of Hillsboro’s rehab programs is to teach you how to ignore those cravings and live a happy sober life. If you are ready to start the recovery process contact your local Hillsboro Oregon Rehab center today.