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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania had a total of 69,803 admissions to drug and alcohol rehab programs during 2006. Data provided by the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services and the Treatment Episode Data Set indicates that alcohol only admissions accounted for 22%, and heroin accounted for 20% of these admissions. Cocaine, alcohol with the use of a secondary drug and marijuana also accounted for a significant number of admissions in Pennsylvania. According to 2005-2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, rates of past month and past year use of marijuana have remained above the national rates, and accounted for nearly 15% of admissions to drug rehabs in Pennsylvania. Additional data indicates that Pennsylvania’s rates of past year use of any illicit drug other than marijuana have generally been at or below the national rates, despite the overwhelming increase in drug only admissions.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Pennsylvania

For individuals 12 and older in Pennsylvania, rates of past year drug dependence have consistently been among the lowest in the country, however, drug only admissions have more than doubled, accounting for an overwhelming 44% of drug rehab admissions during 2005 and have continued to rise. One of the most drastic and alarming increases have been the mentions of heroin use upon admission, which has increased by 15% accounting for 24% of admissions to drug rehab programs in Pennsylvania.

Rates of past year alcohol dependence have also been at or below the national rates, particularly for individuals 12 and older for which these rates were among the lowest in the country during 2005-2006. Despite these low rates, admissions mentioning alcohol accounted for 55% of alcohol rehab admissions and alcohol continues to be the leading cause of admission in Pennsylvania. As previously mentioned, alcohol as the only substance of abuse was the leading cause of admission to rehabs in Pennsylvania, accounting for 22% of all admissions to drug and alcohol rehab programs.

Pennsylvania Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs Offer Addiction Solutions

Pennsylvania had a total of 446 drug and alcohol rehabs according to the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. Of the total number of rehabs, 317 were private non profit and 114 were private for profit. One of the main avenues of treatment in Pennsylvania was outpatient treatment, which was offered by 77% of the drug and alcohol rehab programs in Pennsylvania, 132 rehabs also offered residential care and an another 52 rehabs in Pennsylvania offered an opioid treatment program. In addition to these 52 rehabs there were 56 treatment programs and 417 physicians who were certified to provide buprenorphine care for the addiction of opiates.

Pennsylvania has numerous drug and alcohol rehab programs ate very affordable prices for individuals with out insurance or the proper financial resources. The majority of the rehabs in Pennsylvania also have agreements or contracts with managed care organizations, making drug and/or alcohol treatment highly accessible to all citizens of Pennsylvania. Contact us today to find the right drug and alcohol rehab program for yourself or your loved one.