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Drug Rehab Programs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has been struggling with the availability, abuse and trafficking of numerous illicit drugs. Heroin, cocaine, crack and marijuana remain among the most popular drugs throughout Pennsylvania. In addition both methamphetamine and ecstasy remain readily available but abused to a lesser extent. According to data from the 2005 National Survey on Drug Use and Health approximately 281,000 Pennsylvania citizens reported illicit drug dependence or abuse within the past year, as well as approximately 185,000 who reported past year illicit drug dependence. In recent year, drug rehabs in Pennsylvania have witnessed a drastic increase in drug only admission, particularly admissions mentioning heroin abuse.

Pennsylvania Suffers from Widespread Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine remains one of the most readily available and widely abuse drugs in Pennsylvania. Crack is also available in suburban and rural areas and poses a significant threat. New York City is the primary source of cocaine in Pennsylvania, mainly provided by Colombian, Puerto Rican and Dominican criminal groups. During 2007 there were 739 kilograms of cocaine seized in Pennsylvania.

Heroin Admissions to PA Drug Rehabs are on the Rise

Heroin, primarily from South America remains widely available in Pennsylvania. As of recent there has been a rise of very high potent heroin in different areas of Pennsylvania. More than 20% of admissions to rehab programs in Pennsylvania were for the use of heroin. This drastic rise in admissions has posed an alarming concern to authorities throughout the state.

Methamphetamine Abuse Remains an Issue

Methamphetamine is available in varying quantities throughout Pennsylvania, and recent reports indicate increasing availability. The crystalized form of methamphetamine, ice or crystal meth, has gained popularity among all age groups particularly in the nightclubs, and remains a significant problem throughout Pennsylvania.

Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs are Popular Among the Youth

Club drugs, primarily ecstasy are available throughout the state of Pennsylvania and are very popular among teenagers and young adults. Other club drugs such as GHB and ketamine are also available to a lesser extent in Pennsylvania. The majority of the ecstasy originates in New York and is transported by numerous organized crime organizations. Federal agencies seized more than 82,000 dosage units of ecstasy during 2007.

Marijuana is one of the Most Abused Drugs

Marijuana is easily available throughout Pennsylvania, and used by all age groups but adults remain the predominant users. during 2007 there were more than 571 kilograms of marijuana seized by federal agencies with estimated street value of 4.5 million dollars.

Do Not Wait Any Longer, Contact a Pennsylvania Drug Rehab

According to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 252,000 citizens of Pennsylvania reported needing but not receiving treatment within the past year for drug use. Do not wait any longer, contact us today if you or a loved one has a developed an addiction to drugs. We will find the right drug rehab program in Pennsylvania to best suite your needs.