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Prevention Works

Substance use disorders can affect anyone, but prevention works, treatment is effective, and recovery is possible and probable if the individual affected focuses on the healing process.  On the personal side if you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism or addiction help is available.  Do not allow anything to keep you away from getting the help you need.

Statistics indicate that with every dollar invested in treatment programs, U.S. taxpayers save at least $7.46 in ancillary costs to communities. For many people the savings are often not considered, the expense is the only consideration. Therefore it is imperative to look at the costs actually are to society.  For families considering treatment for a loved one the same number applies.  Put off treatment and you will pay the price, physically, emotionally and financially.

On a humane standpoint less than 10 percent of all individuals with substance use disorders receive treatment. Imagine the uproar if only 10% of cancer patients were treated annually?  Likewise imagine if you or a loved one was afflicted with cancer what would you do to get them the treatment they need?

In dollars and cents (sense) it is estimated that this is an expense of over $300 billion annually. On the private side, substance use disorders effect employers as well. Again the estimate is more than $100 billion annually through increased accidents, increased health care claims, and lost productivity.  On the personal side what is the cost to you?  To your family?  There are alternatives available for help.  But not unless you seek them out.

Alcoholism and addiction are serious challenges in our communities and nation. The country has made significant strides with awareness and the recognition that recovery works.  However, we can not avoid the personal and familial accountability we have.  recovery works, but only if you work it!  Prevent your loved one from this malady by picking up the phone and calling for help now.  866-501-3366