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Drug Rehab Programs in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has witnessed an increase in rehab admissions due to the use of drugs. Many illicit drug remain widely available throughout the state, primarily cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and to a lesser extent methamphetamine and club drugs. Drug trafficking organizations use Rhode Island as transshipment area for drugs that eventually are distributed throughout New England. Results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicate that 32,000 citizens of Rhode Island reported drug dependence or abuse within the past year, and approximately 22,000 reported past year drug dependence. Rhode Island suffers from the abuse of many illicit substances, and also has some of the highest rates in country for the abuse of numerous drugs. Some of these rates include cocaine use, marijuana use, use of any illicit drug other than marijuana and illicit drug use in general. Drug rehab program admissions have more than doubled in recent years and citizens of Rhode Island are not seeking the needed treatment for their addiction.

Cocaine Abuse will put you in Jail or Rehab in Rhode Island

Despite a recent decline in availability cocaine remains the primary drug of choice in Rhode Island. Both Dominican and Colombian drug trafficking organizations transport the majority of the cocaine into Rhode Island from South America. Crack and cocaine combined accounted for nearly 90% of all the Federal drug offenses in Rhode Island.

RI Rehabs Report More than 20% of Admissions are from Heroin Abuse

Throughout Rhode Island there is an overwhelming availability of heroin. The primary source if heroin is Colombia, and both Colombian and Puerto Rican drug trafficking organizations dominate distribution. Rhode Island has experienced drastic increase in the number of overdose deaths due to the use of heroin. During 2006 heroin accounted for 24% of drug rehab program admissions.

Meth Abuse

The availability of methamphetamine in Rhode Island is typically rare and the meth encountered is generally crystal meth. During 2006 there were 2 methamphetamine lab seizures in the state of Rhode Island.

Abuse of Ecstasy & Other Club Drugs is on the Rise

Rhode Island continues to see an increase in the use and availability of club drugs, primarily ecstasy and to a lesser extent GHB and ketamine. Massachusetts, New York and Canada remain the primary sources of ecstasy found in Rhode Island.

More than Half of Rhode Island Highschool Seniors Use Marijuana

Like many states in the U.S. marijuana is readily available and widely abused in Rhode Island. Marijuana in Rhode Island is known to have originated in both Mexico and Canada. More than 50% of Rhode Island 12th graders reported using marijuana at least once in their lifetime.

Do Not Wait, Beat your Addiction with the Help of Rhode Island Drug Rehabs

Data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that 29,000 citizens of Rhode Island reported needing but not receiving drug treatment within the past year. Citizens of Rhode Island are not seeking the needed treatment for drug dependency, and the state has consistently been ranked among the highest in the country for unmet drug treatment. Drug rehab programs in Rhode Island are available, if you or your loved one is in need of drug treatment contact us for help.