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Drug and Alcohol Rehan Programs in South Carolina

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that South Carolina has had some of the lowest rates of alcohol use among ages 12-17 and 12-20. However for other age groups the state has ranked above the national average for both drug and alcohol use, particularly for individuals 25 and older. South Carolina has become a source state for many illicit drugs, and because of this there is an overwhelming availability of numerous illicit drugs. During 2006 there 29,150 admissions to drug and alcohol rehab programs in South Carolina. Almost one third of these admissions were due to the abuse of alcohol, and another 16% of admissions were from the abuse of alcohol with a secondary drug. The use of cocaine as well as marijuana consistently combine for an annual average of at least 8,000 admissions.

South Carolina Alcohol Rehab Programs

Past year rates of alcohol abuse and dependence in South Carolina for individuals under the age of 17 have been among the lowest in the country, however, rates have fluctuated for other age groups and remain above the national average. Alcohol only admissions have been steadily declining, but mentions of both alcohol and drug use have more than doubled in recent years accounting for more than 30% of admissions to drug and alcohol rehab programs in South Carolina.

Drug Rehab Admissions are on the Rise

South Carolina has witnessed varying rates of drug abuse or dependence among different age groups. For instance, rates of abuse or dependence for young adults, primarily ages 18-25 have generally been among the lowest in country, while rates for individuals 26 and older are consistently above the national average. Upon admission, drug rehab programs in South Carolina have a reported an increase in the use of cocaine and marijuana which combined accounted for 33% of South Carolina rehab admissions. Measuring drug use and admissions from the use of only drugs without alcohol, South Carolina has seen an increase in admissions of 28%. Rates of unmet drug treatment in South Carolina have generally been among the highest in the country, with an annual average of approximately 95,000 citizens reporting needing but not receiving drug treatment annually.

Get Help from a South Carolina Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

During 2006 South Carolina had a total of 104 drug and alcohol rehabs, 27 were private non profit, 30 were private for profit and the State Government owned/operated 29 of the rehabs in South Carolina. There were 23 rehabs that offered residential care while the majority, 89%, offered some form of outpatient treatment and another 14 rehabs that offered opioid treatment. In addition South Carolina has 19 drug rehab programs and 77 physicians who are certified to provide buprenorphine treatment for the addiction of opiates.

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