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Drug Rehab Programs in South Dakota

South Dakota rehabs have seen steady increases in drug only admissions, particularly for the use of marijuana and methamphetamine. Upon admission to drug rehab programs in South Dakota there have also been drastic increases of admissions mentioning abuse of both drugs and alcohol, accounting for 41% of admissions during 2006. With steady declines in admissions mentioning alcohol, drug admissions are increasing drastically, and according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health approximately 15,000 citizens of South Dakota reported illicit drug dependence or abuse within the past year.

Throughout SD Cocaine is Heavily Abused

Cocaine is readily available and widely abused throughout South Dakota and in recent years there have been reports of increased availability. Federal authorities seized a total of 10 kilograms of cocaine in South Dakota.

Meth Abuse is Rising

Methamphetamine has increased in availability in South Dakota and continues to be a drug of choice throughout the state. Mexican drug trafficking organizations dominate the majority of the methamphetamine transporting, primarily supplied from the southwestern United States but there have also been reports of an increasing supply of locally produced methamphetamine, mainly crystal meth. During 2006, approximately 60% of Federal drug cases involved methamphetamine.

Marijuana Abuse is Widespread

Marijuana continues to be one of the most readily available drugs in South Dakota and used among all groups. The majority of the marijuana is being transported from the southwest border as well as being locally grown indoors.

Abuse of Drugs like Ecstasy & Heroin are Increasing

Law enforcement in South Dakota have a reported a limited but increasing availability of both ecstasy and heroin. Both illicit drugs are available in user quantities and not considered to be a major threat like meth or cocaine.

South Dakota Drug Rehabs

According to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health there have been steady increases in the rate of unmet drug treatment in South Dakota. During 2005-2006, approximately 14,000 citizens of South Dakota reported needing but not receiving drug treatment. If you or your loved one need help finding the right drug rehab program in South Dakota contact us for help.