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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Tennessee

Tennessee had nearly 10,000 admissions to drug and alcohol rehab programs during 2008. Alcohol continues to be one of the leading causes of treatment admission in Tennessee, however, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health the state has one of the lowest rates of both past month alcohol use and past month binge alcohol use for all age groups. Tennessee also has one of the lowest rates in the country of past month marijuana use which accounted for 18% of Tennessee drug and alcohol rehab admissions. Additional information form the NSDUH indicates that Tennessee has consistently ranked among the highest in the country for rates of past year nonmedical use of pain relievers.

Admissions to Tennessee Alcohol Rehab Programs

For all age groups, among all survey years for as long as the NSDUH has been measuring substance abuse, Tennessee has had one of the lowest rates in the country of past year alcohol dependence. However, alcohol has always been a leading cause of rehab admission, and during 2008 nearly 20% of drug and alcohol rehab admissions mentioned alcohol only (82% in 1992) as a substance of abuse, while an additional 15% mentioned alcohol with the use of a secondary drug (45% in 1992). Despite having one of the lowest rates when compared to the rest of the country, it is obvious that alcohol dependence and abuse in Tennessee poses a major threat.

Tennessee Drug Rehab Admissions

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, Tennessee has had varying rates of drug dependence and abuse. In recent years Tennessee has seen rises in admissions for drugs only. The most significant increases have been opiates other than heroin, accounting for nearly 30% of rehab admissions during 2006. Overall drug only admissions have more than doubled, and during 2006 accounted for 41% of admissions. Citizens of Tennessee are not receiving the proper drug treatment, and the state is consistently ranked above the national average and during 2005-2006 was among the highest in the country.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs are Accessible in Tennessee

Tennessee citizens have access to many drug and alcohol rehab programs to receive the much needed treatment to start living a clean and sober lifestyle. During 2006 there were 195 rehabs in Tennessee, 147 were private nonprofit and 38 were private for profit. Outpatient treatment was offered by 171 treatment facilities, 54 treatment facilities offered some form of residential care and 7 offered opioid treatment. In addition to the drug rehab programs offering opioid treatment, there are also 24 treatment programs with 124 physicians who offered buprenorphine treatment for the addiction of opiates.

Tennessee has many drug and alcohol rehab programs for those with health insurance or the ability to pay for rehab treatment. If you or your loved one are not able to cover the entire cost of rehab there are many charitable and non profit drug and alcohol rehabs in Tennessee that accept clients for free or at very low cost. No one in Tennessee should think they can not afford to go to a rehab center, there are many options no matter your financial situation. Contact us and we will help you find the right drug and alcohol rehab in Tennessee to best suite the needs of you or your loved one.