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Rehab Programs in Fort Worth, Texas

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Fort Worth is the fifth largest city in Texas and the sixteenth largest city in the United States. According to the 2010 Census the population is 741,206.  Fort Worth is located in the North Texas and the climate is considered humid subtropical. Fort Worth is a popular tourist destination due to the rich Western heritage and abundance of artistic culture. Fort Worth has dubbed it’s self the “City of Cowboys and Culture”. Regrettably the city is also plagued with an ongoing drug problem. Drugs such a heroin, cocaine, crystal meth and marijuana are constantly being brought into the city from Mexico.

“Cheese” heroin abuse by teens in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, like many other cities in Texas, is beset by an abundance of drugs being smuggled into the city due to its close proximity to the Mexican border. Drugs are constantly being brought in the United States from Mexico. Drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines, and illegal prescription drugs are frequently being smuggled into the country. Many efforts are made by Fort Worth law enforcement department to keep drugs out of Fort Worth but they can not fully eradicate the problem. A drug problem that has developed in the last decade in Fort Worth is the abuse of a drug known as cheese heroin. Cheese heroin is a mixture of heroin and sleep aids like Tylenol PM. Cheese heroin is widely available to teens in the city of Fort Worth and it is extremely dangerous. Cheese is highly addictive and has caused many fatal overdoses in teens in the Fort Worth area. Cheese is a popular drug among the Fort Worth youth and it is documented that children as young as fourth graders have been known to abuse the drug. Cheese has already caused many fatalities and will only continue to cause more death and injuries.

Heroin Abuse

Heroin is a semi-synthetic opioid drug derived from morphine. Heroin is extremely addictive and dangerous. Heroin is most commonly consumed by injecting the drug into a vein or muscle. This is referred to as mainlining or shooting up. Heroin can also be consumed by snorting or smoking it as well. Heroin causes the user to feel an intense sense of euphoria and other effects include heavy extremities, slowed mental function, vomiting, slurred speech, flushed skin and periods of wakefulness and drowsiness. Heroin can have many harmful effects on the user’s health. These effects include cellulitus, abscesses, infection of the heart lining, collapsed veins, pneumonia, decreased liver function and risk of fatal overdose. Heroin users often become physically dependent on the drug and suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they stop or reduce their heroin use. Withdrawal symptoms may include fever, vomiting, insomnia, stomach cramps, body aches, restlessness, diarrhea, hot flashes and the strong urge to use heroin again. Physical dependency on heroin makes it exceptionally hard for users to quit heroin use. In some cases withdrawal from heroin has led to death.

  • Cheese- is a mixture of heroin and sleep aids such as Tylenol PM. It is commonly ingested by snorting it in powder form but it can also be mixed with water and injected into the vein or muscle. Cheese is created by watering down heroin and mixing it with Tylenol PM or other sleep aids. It is the heated to remove the excess water and what remains is the final product. Cheese is just as addictive as other forms of heroin and users can become physically dependent on the drug. Withdrawal symptoms from cheese are similar to withdrawal from other forms of heroin and include fever, chills, body aches, vomiting, stomach cramps, insomnia and the strong desire to use the drug again.

Recovery is Possible at Fort Worth Rehabs

Heroin abuse is extremely dangerous and often causes fatal overdose. It is highly addictive and frequent use leads to physical dependency. Physical dependency to heroin leads to many users feeling trapped by their addiction and as if they are fighting a losing battle. Treatment centers in Fort Worth, Texas are here to help individuals overcome there addictions to heroin and other drugs or alcohol. It is possible to live a happy and sober life and the treatment centers in Fort Worth, Texas can guide you in the right direction.