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Rehab Programs in San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio has a population of 1.33 citizens which makes it the second largest city in Texas and the seventh largest city in the United States. It has a diverse population with a large number of Hispanic residents.  San Antonio is the location of the historical Battle of the Alamo that took place in 1836. The Battle of the Alamo is famous for the approximately 200 Texans who fought off Santa Anna’s army of over a thousand for thirteen days.  The Texans all perished but the battle cry “Remember the Alamo” was born and the Texas army eventually beat Santa Anna’s army. The term “Remember the Alamo” is still popularly used today in Texas. San Antonio is a popular tourist location due to its subtropical climate, historical background, and attractions like the River Walk, a cluster of restaurants, shops, and bars in downtown San Antonio. San Antonio’s economy is focused on tourism, government, health care and financial services. The city of San Antonio is a great place to live or visit but unfortunately its close proximity to the Mexican border makes San Antonio a hotbed for drug trafficking and abuse.

Drug trafficking in San Antonio, Texas

Drug trafficking is a major concern all across the nation but especially in San Antonio, Texas. Drugs like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana are constantly being smuggled into the city from Mexico. Cocaine especially has become a growing problem in San Antonio. Law enforcement officials recognize cocaine as the primary illicit drug abuse threat in the city. Cocaine is widely available throughout San Antonio and there is a large population of cocaine users within the city. The presence of drug trafficking, distribution and abuse is detrimental to the city of San Antonio because millions of dollars are spent every year trying to prevent the trafficking and abuse of drugs in San Antonio. The presence of drug trafficking also increases the amount of gang activity and violence which puts innocent people in danger and raises San Antonio’s crime rate.

Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine, also known as coke, powder, snow, blow, nose candy and yayo, is a stimulant drug that is created from the coca plant. It is highly addictive and cocaine abuse can result in many health risks. It is popular among people all along the social stratus and there are cocaine users from many different ages, ethnicities and religions. Many drug abusers use cocaine because it is a powerful stimulant and appetite suppressant. It is most often ingested by snorting but it is also commonly smoked and injected too. The effects of cocaine include increased energy, alertness, sexual competence and a sense of euphoria. Cocaine may also cause paranoia, insomnia, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, restlessness, twitching, anxiety, elevated mood, obsessive behavior, irritability and aggression. Cocaine is often dubbed a party drug because it often increases energy and because of its mood elevating qualities. Heavy cocaine users often experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop or reduce their cocaine use. Withdrawal symptoms generally include irritability, sleeplessness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, lethargy, increased appetite and the strong urge to use cocaine again. Continued cocaine use may have adverse health effects on the user. Cocaine abuse can lead to heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, irregular heart beat, seizures, tooth decay and fatal overdose. Cocaine is highly unpredictable and affects each user differently. Cocaine users can suffer from stroke, heart attacks or fatal overdose after as little as one use because it can have an erratic effect on a person’s body.

Fight Addiction with Help from San Antonio Rehabs

Cocaine is highly addictive and very detrimental to a person’s health. Many users feel they can not beat their cocaine addiction because the withdrawal symptoms are so uncomfortable and stressful. People who struggle with addiction are not alone and there is help out there to aid in overcoming addiction. The treatment centers in San Antonio, Texas are here to help those fighting drug or alcohol addiction. A wide variety of treatment services are available to help each individual with their unique needs. The road to recovery is out there and the treatment centers in San Antonio, Texas can aid individuals on their path to a happy and sober lifestyle.