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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Utah

Alcoholism and drug addiction affect many citizens of Utah. During 2006 there were nearly 16,000 admissions to Utah drug and alcohol rehabs, and these number have been consistently rising every year. The major contributors and causes of admission have generally been alcohol only, alcohol and the use of a secondary drug, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and amphetamines. Upon admission to rehabs in Utah the number one used drug has consistently been amphetamines. Despite steady increases in admissions for alcohol and drug use and thousands of mentions for both substances upon rehab admission, there are a number of substance abuse measures Utah has ranked below national averages. Utah has been ranked among the lowest in the country for rates of past month marijuana use and past month binge alcohol use among all age groups. For individuals age 18-25 Utah has also been among the lowest in the country for rates of past month cocaine use as well as past month illicit drug use. However, Utah has also been ranked among the highest in the country for rates of past year nonmedical use of pain relievers for individuals 12 and older.

Utah Drug and Alcohol Rehab Admissions

The National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services reported a one day census of 12,977 clients participating in a Utah drug and alcohol rehab program, 86% of these clients were attending an outpatient treatment program and 12% were under the age of 18. On a national level, rates of dependence and abuse of alcohol have generally been at or below the national average among all age groups. Admissions mentioning the abuse of alcohol only, have remained stable at a consistent 20% of all Utah rehab admissions.

Drug Rehab Admissions are on the Rise in Utah

Similar to rates of alcohol abuse and dependency in Utah, on a global measure rates of dependence or abuse of drugs have typically been at or below the national average. Upon rehab admission Utah has witnessed major increases in the mentions of illicit drugs. There have been significant increases in mentions of both marijuana and heroin, but the most drastic increase has been the percentage of rehab admissions abusing methamphetamine. Combining all admissions mentioning the use of drugs only in Utah, the state witnessed a sharp increase, accounting for 46% of all rehab admissions. Since 2002, Utah has seen an increasing need for drug treatment. For individuals 12 and older Utah has consistently been ranked among the highest in the country for rates of unmet drug treatment.

Help is Available at Utah Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

For drugs alone there were approximately 55,000 Utah citizens who reported needing but not receiving drug treatment. With drug availability and abuse of drugs rising, these numbers are only getting worse. During 2006 there were 133 drug and alcohol rehab programs in Utah, the help is available. There are 57 low cost non profit rehabs and 51 private for profit rehab programs in Utah, so no matter your financial or insurance situation drug and alcohol treatment is accessible. Do not let drugs or alcohol control the life of you or a loved one, make a step in the right direction and contact us today for help finding the right drug and alcohol rehab program in Utah. Take back control of your life!