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Rehab Programs in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and the most populated, with 186,440 people calling the city home. Salt Lake City is also known by its abbreviation “SLC”. The city is located near the Jordan River and The Great Salt Lake with vast mountain range. The cities economy is mainly fueled by the transportation industry, with Salt Lake City Airport and Delta Airlines at their number one employers. Tourism also keep the economy strong in SLC. There are endless tourist attractions within the city. The biggest attraction is The Great Salt Lake but tourist make it a point to visit the  Zoo and aviary, the Dinosaur museums, art galleries, plays and concerts, shopping, national parks, the list of tourist attractions just keeps going. The city is rich in culture and beauty.

Just as in any major city known for tourism, once the sun goes down the partying begins and with that so does substance abuse. In clubs threw out the downtown area alcohol is served to those of age, out of the eyes of the club owners there are drugs being spread around, “Club Drugs”.

Social Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is universally used in social scenes, it allows the user to relax and feel more out going.  What starts off as a few drinks just to take the edge off can turn into an addiction. Abusing Alcohol on a regular basis, not knowing what your limit is, drinking to the point of black outs are the beginning signs of alcoholism. Alcoholism is an addictive disorder, a compulsive behavior to consume alcohol regardless to the affects it has on your health, employment and social life. The long term affects of alcohol consumption can be damaging on both mental and physical health, vital organs can become damaged and results can be fatal.  The constant urge to have another drink can lead to loss of employment, family and friends will begin to leave because the use of alcohol is becoming more important than them, destroying relationships.

Social Drug Abuse

In social scenes such as clubs the use of drugs is very common. Club drugs, such as Marijuana, cocaine, LSD and ecstasy (MDMA tablets) are easily available in the social settings of a club.

  • Marijuana– also knows as cannabis, weed, or reefer is a drug formed from the leaves, stems, seed and flower of the cannabis plant. THC is the primary chemical in the cannabis plant that causes the psychoactive effects users want. Marijuana use in social scenes if typically threw smoking or ingesting the drug.
  • Cocaine – also know as coke. Cocaine gives the user energy, alertness and a sense of  euphoria. Cocaine makes it possible for its users to stay up partying threw the night with no sleep or need for food, making it a very popular drug used in the club environment. The drug is highly addictive and a tolerance is easily developed, the need for more of the drug to reach the same effect. The risk of cocaine over dose and heart failure is very high, many times in a club environment the user will continuously take this drug until the point total health failure.
  • Ecstasy -also known as MDMA tablets, X, or E. Ecstasy is one of the most widely used recreational drugs because of its effects of heightening sense of intimacy, taking away anxiety and giving a true sense of well being to the user. The use of ecstasy in club environments is high. The chronic use of ecstasy can cause irreversible neurological damage to the user as well as depression, irritability, fatigue and more. Many ignore the risks involved with this drug to just experience the effects of bliss and sexual arousal.
  • LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)- also known as acid is regularly used in the club scene to experience its  hallucinations and ability to stay awake for day with no sleep.  LSD has no known health affects but impairs the users judgment and can risk their life by making the wrong choice.

Sal Lake City Addiction Rehabs

It is time to bring the party to an end, the abuse of drug and alcohol in social settings is destroying lives. What was once thought of as a good time has turned into a full on addiction. There are rehab centers in Salt Lake City area to help you fight this addiction and make a full recovery.