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Rehab Programs in West Valley City, Utah

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West Valley City is a suburb to Salt Lake City in the state of Utah, located between Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges. The city is the second largest in the state with a population of 129,480 people, according to the 2010 census. The city has scenic beauty and a great sense of community for its residents, and hospitality towards its visitors. The beautiful streets of West Valley City have secrets to tell, many of its residents are suffering from prescription drug addiction. Utah is fourth in the nation for non-medical use of prescription pain relievers. Prescription drugs are the number one cause of injury death in Utah today.

Prescription Drug Abuse

The start  to prescription drug addiction is different for each  person. Long term use of a medically prescribed drug, accidentally causing  a person to fall into a addiction. An addiction can occur from the deliberate misuse of a prescription drug that was never prescribed to them to begin with. Either way the addiction start it is still an addiction and will require treatment. West Valley City rehab programs are here to help you over come your addiction.

Non-medical use of prescription drugs is when people who do not have medical prescription for drugs such as painkillers deliberately misusing them to as a way to get high. This use can be meant to be a one time thing but for others it can lead down the road of prescription drug addiction.Non-medical use of prescription drugs is also when a person who does have prescription for the medication but takes the drug more often or more than the recommended dose. Painkiller addiction is very common, people taking their prescription incorrectly are taking them to get high rather than treat the pain that they are prescribed for.

Misusing prescription drugs is much like non-medical use, yet to a more extream level. Regularly misusing prescription drugs  is when a person’s tolerance is built up, the person will have to keep increasing the dosage of their medication to receive the same effect of pain relief or high. Once a tolerance is built addiction begins. Opiate painkillers such as Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet, Fentanyl and others are known for their dependence and addiction when misused.

Drug abuse is apparent by the chronic misuse of drugs. People that are abusing prescription drugs  will miss work, possibly loosing their jobs, they will ignore regular responsibility and have troubles within their personal relationships. When a person is to the point of being a drug abuser they will have more noticeable symptoms of addiction such as mood change, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction is when physical dependence becomes an psychological dependency. This is when the  compulsive need to use the drug regardless of the effects it has on ones health, personal relationships, finances, job and criminal record.  Signs of psychological dependence are cravings, obsessing over obtaining the drug, timing doses so you never come down, the withdrawal symptoms a person will feel if the drug is not used. People with prescription drug addiction typically will try to get more pills from their doctor, going to more than one doctor for prescriptions of the same drug, and even buying prescription pills off the street.

West Valley City Rehabilitation Centers

It is easy to become addiction to a prescription drug, whither is intentional misuse or accidental from long term use of a prescription drug, there are counselors in West Valley City Utah that are here to help you threw your recovery. Do not allow this addiction consume your life. The Doctors will provide you will other forms of pain management if needed, mental health counseling and the detoxification process to ride your body of any drugs. West Valley City rehab centers are here to help you, it is time to make that first step towards recovery.