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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Vermont

Vermont suffers from some of the highest rates rates of alcohol and drug abuse in the country. Annual admissions to drug and alcohol rehab programs in Vermont have consistently been rising, and in 2005 there were a total of 8,358 rehab admissions. Vermont has been ranked among the highest states in the country, for all age groups, for rates of past month illicit drug use as well as past year and past month marijuana use. Among age groups 12 and older Vermont has also had some of the highest rates of past year cocaine use, past month alcohol use and past year drug dependence. Other rates such as, past month binge alcohol use, past year drug dependence or abuse as well as rates of unmet drug treatment, have been among the highest in the country for individuals 18 to 25. During 2005-2006, rates of both past month and past year marijuana use in Vermont were 50% higher than the rest of the country. Vermont has also witnessed drastic increases in underage drinking as well as rises in binge alcohol drinking among individuals 12-20.

Breakdown of Vermont Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

According to data from the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services Vermont had a total of 40 drug and alcohol rehabs during 2006. Private non profit organizations represented 34 rehabs, and 4 were private for profit. Outpatient treatment was provided by 35 of these rehabs and another 10 rehabs offered residential care. There were also 4 rehabs that offered opioid treatment, and 35 physicians provided buprenorphine treatment in Vermont.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Vermont

Vermont has consistently been ranked among the highest states in the country for the abuse and dependence on illicit drugs, particularly for individuals 12 and older and 18 to 25. There are no consistent patterns of alcohol abuse and dependence, however, Vermont was ranked among the highest states in the country for rates of past month alcohol use for age groups 12 and older, 18-25 and 26 and older. Upon admission to drug and alcohol rehabs in Vermont there have been a decrease in admissions mentioning alcohol, which accounted for 30% of admissions in 2005. However, admissions mentioning marijuana, heroin and cocaine have increased drastically and combined accounted for more than 30% of admissions for rehabs in Vermont.

Growing Need for Addiction Rehab Programs in Vermont

With growing rates of both alcohol and drug dependence in Vermont, it is no surprise that rates of unmet drug treatment as well as unmet alcohol treatment are above the national average. Citizens of Vermont are not receiving the proper treatment for their drug and/or alcohol addiction. Contact us today for help and we will find the right drug and alcohol rehab in Vermont for you or your loved one.