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Rehab Programs in Colchester, Vermont

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Colchester, Vermont’s fourth largest city has a population of approximately 1700 residents. It is located on the shores of Lake Champlain and close to the Green Mountains which makes it prime location for hiking, fishing, camping, swimming and many other outdoor activities. The countless outdoor activities and the beautiful scenery make Colchester, Vermont a well-liked tourist location. Colchester’s economy is largely supported by retail.

Out of state Drugs filtering into Colchester

The state of Vermont has been fighting an on going problem with heroin abuse but now prescription drugs like OxyContin have been becoming more popular as well. There are more fatal overdoses caused by prescription drugs than heroin every year in Vermont. Prescription drug abuse is becoming more of a problem all over the nation but OxyContin especially has become popular in Colchester, Vermont. Prescription drugs are cheaper and more easily accessible than drugs like heroin which was once more popular. Many police official’s site out of state drug traffickers as the source of prescription drugs becoming so widely available in the city of Colchester, Vermont. OxyContin and other prescription drugs are highly addictive. The more a person abuses OxyContin the more they build a tolerance to the drug so they require a larger amount of the drug each time to achieve the same effect. The abuse of such drugs is also becoming popular among teenagers and college students.

OxyContin (OxyCodone), a deadly drug!

OxyContin (OxyCodone) is also known as oxy, oxies, killers and OCs. It is a potent pain reliever that is generally prescribed to individuals who are in moderate or severe pain or chronic pain. Continued use can cause many negative health effects and even death. It is highly addictive and dangerous when used for recreational purposes. The effects of OxyContin include a sense of euphoria, dizziness, loss of memory, sweating, confusion, fainting, lightheadedness, fatigue, loss of appetite, anxiety, mood changes, drowsiness, flushing of the skin, abdominal pain and headache. The more frequently an individual abuses OxyContin the more tolerant to the drug they become. The user then has to continuously take higher and higher doses of the medication to achieve the same effect each time they use OxyContin. Continuously taking higher doses can also lead to fatal overdoses. When frequent users stop using OxyContin they generally go through severe withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms from OxyContin include fever, chills, strong urge to consume more OxyContin, muscle aches, nausea, irritability, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue.
OxyContin has become a popular drug for teens and young adults because it is easily accessible and cheaper than heroin which produces the same type of effects. The term “pharming” is used to by teens to describe the recreational use of OxyContin and other prescription drugs. Many teens and college students do not realize how dangerous it is to use OxyContin recreationally because of the misconception that prescription drugs are harmless because they are medicine and prescribed by health care providers. This is not true because any recreational use of prescription drugs is a hazard to your health. OxyContin and other prescription drugs are becoming more widely available because of the increase in health care providers prescribing medications and the increase of people stealing medications out of family medicine cabinets and selling them on the streets. The increase of teenage prescription drug abuse is alarming because it can result in higher addiction and mortality rates in teens.

Recover with help from Colchester Vermont Rehabs

Many people do not realize how addicting OxyContin and other prescription drugs can be. This has led to an increase in the amount of people who are becoming addicted to prescription medications every year. Addiction to OxyContin and other prescription drugs is very unsafe and can result in fatal overdose. The withdrawal symptoms that occur when the drug has stopped being used makes sobriety even harder to achieve because the user feels helpless and dependent. It is time to stop abusing drugs and the treatment centers in Colchester, Vermont are here to help you overcome your addiction. Experienced professional are waiting to help each individual with their unique circumstances and needs. The treatment centers in Colchester, Vermont can put you on the road to recovery and guide you to a happy and sober life.