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Rehab Programs in Rutland, Vermont

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Rutland is the third largest city in Vermont. The population is approximately 16,800 residents. Rutland, Vermont is located in the valley in between the Green Mountain range and the Taconic Mountain Range. It is a prime spot for hiking, fishing, skiing, swimming, and many other outdoor activities. This makes Rutland, Vermont an enticing place for tourism and outdoor fun. The economy is largely supported by retail sales. Unfortunately alcoholism also plagues many people in Rutland, Vermont.

Alcoholism in Rutland, Vermont

Alcoholism is a problem that plagues people all over the country and the people of Rutland, Vermont are no different. The abuse of alcohol in Rutland puts all of their residents in danger. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse effect everyone around the individual abusing the alcohol. Alcohol abuse increases the amount of car accidents and domestic disputes every year. Alcoholics tend to have problems in their personal relationships, work life and social life due to their alcohol use. Alcohol abuse can also affect a person’s judgment which can inconvenience others or put them in harms way. Another concern in Rutland, Vermont is the prevention of teenage alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption can cause teens to use very poor judgment and put them at higher risk of being fatally injured in a car accident.

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse

Alcoholism is a disease characterized by the powerful and continuous compulsion to consume alcohol, physical dependence on the consumption of alcohol, the need to consume increasing amounts of alcohol to maintain the same level of intoxication and the inability to control alcohol use or the amount consumed. Alcoholism effects people of all races, social statuses, and education levels but some people are at higher risk of becoming alcoholics than others. Risk factors include low self esteem, depression, peer pressure to consume alcohol, stress, and participating in cultures where frequent alcohol use is socially acceptable. Children of alcoholics and people who begin consuming alcohol at a very young age are also much more likely to suffer from alcoholism as well.

Warning signs of alcoholism include drinking alone, drinking to settle nerves or calm one’s self, drinking to avoid stress or problems, lying to others about how much or how often you drink, drinking early in the day, the need to consume larger quantities of alcohol to achieve the same intoxication level, the strong urge to consume alcohol frequently, and finding excuses to drink or become intoxicated. Alcoholism can have devastating effects on a person’s health as well. Alcoholism can lead to kidney disease, liver failure, heart disease, nervous disorders, hyperglycemia, obesity, malnutrition, hypoglycemia and cancer of the liver, mouth, esophagus, pancreas, pharynx, breast, and larynx.
Alcohol abuse is characterized by drinking patterns that result in harm to one’s self or others. This includes alcohol consumption resulting in relationship or domestic problems, legal trouble or illegal actions, physical injury, and failure to fulfill responsibilities. Alcohol abuse is different than alcoholism because it is not characterized by physical dependency to alcohol but continued alcohol abuse can lead to alcoholism. Alcohol abuse is usually characterized by getting highly intoxicated frequently or at inappropriate times. Alcohol abuse can also lead devastating injuries and death because people who abuse alcohol have impaired judgment and lowered inhibitions. Alcohol related car accidents account for the highest cause of teen fatalities. Some people are able to recognize alcohol abuse and change their negative behaviors while other people deny their alcohol abuse and develop a dependency to alcohol or alcoholism.

Rutland Rehab Centers Offer Hope

The rehabilitation centers in Rutland, Vermont specialize in alcoholism and alcohol dependency. Professionals are waiting to help those who are struggling to overcome alcoholism. Alcoholism can make people feel isolated, depressed, and hopeless because alcohol use has harmed so many aspects of their lives. Alcohol dependency makes it extremely hard for people to overcome their addiction but there is hope. The rehabilitation centers in Rutland, Vermont are ready to help those in need of support in order to break their addiction to alcohol. It is possible to break your dependency on alcohol. Let the rehabilitation centers in Rutland, Vermont assist you in your journey to achieving an alcohol free lifestyle and a happy, healthy and sober life.