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Alcohol Rehab Programs in Virginia

During 2006 there were a total of 11,509 admissions to alcohol rehab programs in Virginia. Alcohol abuse accounted for approximately 33% of all rehab admissions in Virginia, and continues to be the leading cause of admission. It is obvious that there is an increasing rate of alcohol abuse among all age groups in Virginia. During 2005, studies indicate that approximately 448,000 citizens of Virginia were struggling with alcohol addiction. If you have an alcohol addiction, or have a loved one who is suffering from alcoholism, you have already taken the most important step of admitting you need help. There are numerous alcohol rehab programs in Virginia available to help with the addiction of alcohol.

Underage Drinking in Virginia

During 2007, a total of 1,071 youth age 12 to 20 were admitted to an alcohol rehab program in Virginia, which accounted for 9% of all Virginia alcohol rehab admissions. There are overwhelming costs and problems associated with underage drinking in Virginia. During 2007, underage drinking cost the citizens of Virginia $1.3 billion, which translates to $1,691 per year for each youth in the state. The largest cost to the state of Virginia in regards of underage drinking is youth violence and traffic crashes; during 2007 an estimated 44 traffic fatalities and 1,900 nonfatal traffic injuries involved an underage drinking driver; additional data indicates that there was also 50 homicides and 14,500 nonfatal violent crimes that involved an underage drinker. Approximately 307,000 underage youth in Virginia drink each year, indicating that underage drinking is widespread throughout the state and a growing problem.

Alcohol Treatment in Virginia

There are an overwhelming number of Virginia citizens who report needing but not receiving treatment for alcohol addiction. The most alarming is the rate of unmet alcohol treatment among individuals age 18-25, who exhibit a need for alcohol treatment higher than other age groups in Virginia. During 2005, an estimated 422,000 citizens of Virginia suffering from alcohol addiction did not attend the proper alcohol rehab program in Virginia. The most alarming issue is that these numbers are increasing drastically and citizens of Virginia are not receiving the proper treatment for their alcohol addiction. If you or a loved are searching for an alcohol rehab program in Virginia contact us for help.