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Drug Rehabs Programs in Virginia

Data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that every month there are approximately 400,000 citizens in Virginia who report using illicit drugs. In recent years drug rehabs in Virginia have seen increases in the number of admissions mentioning the use of both marijuana and heroin. However, cocaine in both powder and crack form as well as the violence directly associated with distributing remains the most significant problem among law enforcement. Along with cocaine, methamphetamine production and trafficking by Mexican organizations also remain a problem as the availability of both drugs are increasing at rapid rates. Admissions to Virginia rehabs mentioning the use of drugs has more than doubled, accounting for more than 45% of rehab admissions in Virginia. Additional reports from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that during 2005 approximately 168,000 Virginia citizens reported past year drug dependence or abuse, and there were also approximately 115,000 other citizens who reported drug dependence alone within the past year. Being a drug addict can make landing a job difficult.

Cocaine Abuse in Virginia

Throughout Virginia there is an overwhelming availability of both cocaine and crack. The violence and crime directly associated with distributing these drugs remain the most significant drug problem in Virginia according to law enforcement. Sources in Mexico supply the majority of the cocaine available in Virginia, as well both Colombian and Dominican drug trafficking organizations to a lesser extent. During 2006 Federal agencies seized more than 250 kilograms of cocaine in Virginia.

Heroin Abuse is Resulting in Increased Rehab Admissions

Heroin is readily available and widely abused in certain areas of Virginia, primarily in the Richmond and Tidewater areas. However, the use and popularity of heroin is growing and drug rehabs in Virginia are reporting drastic increases in admissions mentioning heroin abuse.

Meth Labs in VA Continue to Pose Threats

In recent years there have been significant increases of methamphetamine production within Virginia. Law enforcement is battling the rapid increases of meth labs by passing new state and Federal laws regulating precursors. These new laws have resulted in a small decrease of manufactured methamohetamine in Virginia, but there have been increases in meth supplied by Mexican drug trafficking organizations. During 2005, there were 19 children affected by the manufacturing of methamphetamine in Virginia.

Ecstasy Use is Rising Drastically

There are many club drugs widely available throughout Virginia including GHb and Ketamine but the easiest to obtain is ecstasy. Ecstasy is gaining popularity at drastic rates among all age groups in Virginia. More than 10,000 dosage units of ecstasy were seized in Virginia During 2006.

Marijuana Abuse

The most widely abuse drug in Virginia continues to be marijuana. The majority of the marijuana available originates in Mexico and is transported through the southwestern areas of the U.S. More potent marijuana is also known to be transported from Canada and remains readily available in Virginia.

Drug Rehabs in Virginia

More than 100,000 citizens report needing but not receiving treatment for drug use every year in Virginia. Drug rehab in Virginia are highly accessible and no individual should go untreated. If you or a loved one is in need of drug treatment in Virginia contact us to find the right rehab in Virginia.