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Rehab Programs in Norfolk, Virginia

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Norfolk, Virginia is an independent city in the Hampton Roads Metropolitan area with a population of 2422,803. Norfolk is the home of Norfolk Naval Base which is one of the biggest military bases in the world. It is also home to the defense headquarters of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It is considered to be the urban, financial and historic center of the Hampton Roads metropolitan and is known for rich diversity and culture. Norfolk has also been experiencing a growing drug problem among young people.

Teenage drug use in Norfolk

Due to Norfolk’s bustling urban communities it has also become a hub for drug use. Many urban areas suffer from statistically higher drug abuse then rural areas and Norfolk is no different. The availability of crack cocaine has existed in Norfolk for sometime but it has become increasingly more available to teenagers and young people in recent years. The easy access to crack cocaine and the exciting urban life of Norfolk lure many teenagers and college students into experimenting with crack cocaine and other drugs. Unfortunately in many cases this also leads to these teenagers and college students becoming addicted to crack cocaine and other drugs. The city has devoted much energy into trying to combat this growing problem. Programs such as education drives and prevention education have educated many young people about the dangers of drug use and may prevent more people from becoming new users. Even though this is progress for the city of Norfolk, Virginia and will it will likely decrease drug use in future generations for those who have already become addicted it is too late for prevention education to be successful.

Crack Cocaine: Street names, Uses & The Facts

Crack Cocaine, also known as rock or crack, is a stimulant drug. It is the freebase form of cocaine but unlike cocaine it is smoked not snorted by the user. It some cases it is also cooked down to liquid form and injected in bloodstream through the use of a needle. This technique is often referred to as shooting up. Crack cocaine has many effects on the user including loss of appetite, increased energy, the sense of euphoria, paranoia, insomnia, sense of invincibility, erratic behavior, bouts of anger or violence, anxiety, increased self confidence,  involuntary twitching and the illusion that bugs are crawling all over the users skin.

Smoking crack cocaine causes the user’s brain to release a large amount of dopamine which makes the user experience sense of euphoria, but the effects are short lived. Within a half hour or so after using crack cocaine the user generally experiences feelings of extreme depression and restlessness due to the depletion of dopamine in their brain. The user usually feels a strong urge to smoke crack cocaine again in hopes that they will feel the same euphoric effects and to counteract the horrible coming down period. The constant need to feel the euphoric effects and the quick come down make crack cocaine tremendously addictive and hazardous. Many addicts have stated that they became addicted to crack cocaine after as little is one use of the drug. Crack cocaine is extremely dangerous and has been known to induce heart attacks and in some cases sudden death after it’s use. The purity of crack cocaine is unpredictable which can lead to accidental overdoses.

Norfolk, VA Rehabs are here to Help

Addiction to crack cocaine can take a powerful hold on the user leaving them feeling hopeless and defeated. Many crack cocaine addicts experience a sense that there is nothing they can do to overcome their addiction. The terrible coming down period leaves users feeling so depressed that they feel they cannot survive without the drug. The stigma of being labeled a “crack head” leads to many users trying to hide their addiction and it may also prevent them from seeking professional help. There is no shame in seeking professional help for addiction and rehabilitation centers in Norfolk, Virginia are here to help. Experienced professionals are on call to help you overcome your addiction and to develop a plan best suited for each individual’s unique needs and situation. Overcoming addiction to crack cocaine is not an easy task but with the right help it is possible. When addicts are ready and willing to overcome their addiction the rehabilitation centers in Norfolk, Virginia are here to help addicts move towards a sober and happy future.