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Rehab Programs in Richmond, Virginia

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Richmond, Virginia, the state capital, is the fourth largest city in Virginia with a population of approximately 204,200. Law and finance are a prominent force in Richmond’s economy but it is also known as a successful location for many businesses. Richmond, Virginia is the proud home of six Fortune 500 companies. Due to the sub tropic climate and abundance of flourishing businesses Richmond has become a popular residence for many people looking for a career in business, law or finance. Richmond was founded in 1737 along the James River and has been home to many historical events including Patrick Henry’s speech “Give me liberty or give me death” in 1775. Richmond’s population is 52.3% African American and it is home of the Jackson Ward, a hub for African American culture and commerce. Richmond’s location on the water front and interstate 95 also make it a hub for drug trafficking.

Marijuana is widely available in Richmond, Virginia

The city of Richmond, Virginia has made many attempts to stop drug trafficking and to stop drugs from entering the city. Unfortunately Richmond’s location is a prime spot for drug trafficking.  This is due to the fact that it is located on busy interstate 95 and along the waterfront of James River and which makes it extremely hard for officials to stop all drugs from infiltrating the city. This makes drugs widely available and easily accessible in Richmond. The most common and most widely used drug in Richmond is marijuana. Marijuana related arrests account for more than half of all the drug related arrests in Richmond, Virginia. Studies done in Richmond indicate that 40 percent of marijuana users will go on to use harder drugs such as cocaine and heroine. Since marijuana use is generally popular among teenagers and college students it is extremely worrisome that they will continue on to the use of harder and more dangerous drugs. Marijuana use is often disregarded as no big deal but it a very big deal. Marijuana distribution, possession and use are illegal and can lead to harsh punishments. The trafficking of marijuana is a very serious problem that often leads to violent crimes and violations of the law.

Marijuana: Street names, uses and the facts

Marijuana or cannabis is also known by the slang terms pot, weed, reefer, trees, and many, many others.  It is considered the most widely used drug in the entire world. Marijuana has a debatable classification because it seems to contain the properties of many different classes of drugs. Most notably it exhibits psychoactive and physocialogical effects. Marijuana is used medicinally in many areas but it also used illegally as a recreational drug most commonly. The effects of marijuana include increased appetite, fatigue, mood enhancement, loss of motivation, relief from nausea, a sense of calmness or relaxation, increase in laughter, paranoia, short term memory loss, the inability recall memories, loss of attention, inability to focus, slowed reflexes, impairment of motor skills and anxiety. When the effects of marijuana wear off the user generally feels very tired and unmotivated.

Marijuana is often referred to as a gateway drug because it is commonly the first drug many people ever try and it may lead to use of more dangerous and addictive drugs. There are many conflicting views on whether or not marijuana is addictive. Studies have shown that there are no physical characteristics of addiction with marijuana use but many users experience withdrawal like symptoms including irritability, anxiety and the urge to use marijuana again. Many users experience the feeling that they will not be able to function normally without the use of marijuana.

Addiction Treatment Centers in Richmond VA

Marijuana use should not be taken lightly and is no laughing matter. The use of marijuana is often overlooked as no big deal but that is not true. Recreational marijuana use is illegal and often times leads to the use of more dangerous and highly addictive drugs. Marijuana can consume a person’s life just like any other drug. Treatment centers in Richmond, Virginia are here to help people who need to overcome their marijuana addiction. Professionals are ready to work with you and help you on your path to recovery. A happy and sober lifestyle is possible.