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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Washington

Drug and alcohol rehab admissions have been consistently increasing every year in Washington, during 2006 there were a total of 37,317 admissions to Washington rehabs. Many substances contribute to these admissions including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and amphetamines, however, the primary cause of rehab admission has consistently been alcohol with the use of a secondary drug. When comparing different measures of substance abuse in Washington to the rest of the country, Washington’s rates of many measures of abuse and use of both drugs and alcohol have remained above the national rates. For individuals 26 and older Washington’s rates of past month alcohol use, past month illicit drug use and marijuana use, have all consistently remained above the national average. Additional data indicates that rates of past month nonmedical use of pain relievers for individuals age 18-25 as well as those age 26 and older have consistently been among the highest in the country.

Overwhelming Need for Alcohol Rehab Programs in Washington

Washington rates of alcohol abuse or dependence have varied in recent years, but for the most part these rates have remained at or above the national average. There have been constant increases in drug and alcohol rehab admissions in recent years. Admissions mentioning alcohol have been declining, but still accounted for an overwhelming 72% of admissions in 2005 down from 88% in 1992. Washington drug and alcohol rehabs have also reported a decline in admissions mentioning the abuse of alcohol only without the use of any other substance. Surprisingly with the majority of admissions mentioning alcohol abuse, and knowing that rates of alcohol abuse in Washington are above national averages, the state still remains at or below the national level for rates of unmet treatment need for alcohol. However there are thousands of Washington citizens who do not receive treatment for their alcohol addiction.

Admissions to Drug Rehabs in Washington

For individuals 12 and older in Washington, rates of drug dependence or abuse have been among the highest in the country, particularly for individuals age 18-25. Washington suffers from a widespread availability of many illicit drugs, and one of the most alarming increases has been the increase of drug rehab admissions mentioning methamphetamine abuse which accounted for 30% of Washington drug rehab admissions. Other alarming increases have been admissions mentionong the use of drugs only, which accounted for 27% of total admissions to drug and alcohol rehabs in Washington.

Washington Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

There are hundreds of thousands individuals in Washington who are not receiving the proper drug and alcohol treatment. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health there are approximately 150,000 citizens in Washington every year reporting needing but not receiving treatment for drug treatment alone. If you or your loved are seeking a drug and alcohol rehab in Washington contact us today and take the next step to regain your life.