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Rehab Programs in Spokane, Washington

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Spokane is located in the state of Washington. Spokane is the 100th largest city in America with a population of 208,916 people, according to the 2010 census. Spokane is considered to be located in the most productive mining districts in North America. The city relies on their Natural resources to fuel their economy, a major center for the timber, agriculture, and mining industries. Spokane is known for its abundance of outdoor activities, culture, arts and theater, and their annual events. This city is a great place to live or visit.

Substance Abuse in Spokane

As in most large cities substance abuse is unfortunately very common. Adults, Teenager, even Seniors are victims to drug addiction. Smoking their first joint of Marijuana, snorting their first line of Cocaine or having an alcoholic drink at the end of a hard day. With the use of any substance the start of a drug addiction is possible.

5 Most Commonly Abused Substances

There are many types of substance abuse, there are uppers and downers. Some addicts in search of a high will use any substance easily available to them. Alcohol, Cocaine, LSD, Marijuana and Prescription drugs are 5 of the most commonly abused substances.

  1. Alcohol is one of the most abused substances because of its easy accessibility and social acceptability. Alcohol abuse is world wide. Alcoholism is typically the result of alcohol abuse, it gets to the point where the addiction takes over the persons life with a constant compulsion to drink. There are many physical and mental health risks involved with Alcohol abuse.
  2. Cocaine is a substance that easily takes over the users life, the fast passe drug is used bye many different people, from soccer moms to clubbers. They are all looking for the added kick of energy that cocaine gives as an effect. Chronic use of cocaine can cause minor health issues such as tooth decay to major respiratory issues, autoimmune or connective tissue diseases, kidney failure,  lung and heart disease.
  3. LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) is used by many to escape from daily life threw the high effect and hallucinations.  LSD is undetectable in drug tests so many use this drug for that reason. Although there are no known long term health affects or overdose due to use of LSD it still impairs ones judgment and that in itself can be an health risk.
  4. Marijuana also referred to as pot or weed. Marijuana is a common and inexpensive drug. Marijuana is not as physically addictive but viewed as a gateway drug to other substances. THC is the chemical in marijuana that give a psychoactive effects users wants. Marijuana is typically inhaled there are many respiratory issues as a health risk, as well as anxiety and depression.
  5. Prescription Drug abuse is at time unintentional. After being prescribed medication for pain many develop a tolerance and begin taking more to relieve their pain and eventually they need the drug to function in day to day life. Others will buy prescription drugs, uppers and downers, off the street or from a friend or family member, even stealing from others medicine cabinets. It is a common misconception that prescription drugs are safer that street drugs, their are health risks involved in all drugs and especially those with with drug labels and warnings.

Addiction Rehab Centers in Spokane Washington

Yes, the easiest way to avoid becoming a drug addict is to never use drugs but for those who made that mistake and have found themselves in a bad spot unable to stop drug use their are rehab centers in Spokane Washington that are here to help. The counselors in Spokane’s rehab center will help you get to the root of the problem, what started you on the path of addiction and provide you with the tools to start a new path, the path to recovery.