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Rehab Programs in Tacoma, Washington

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Tacoma is the third largest city in the state of Washington. With a population of 198,397, according to the 2010 census. In the late 19th century the Northern Pacific Railroad chose Tacoma to be the western terminus, the city then became known as the “City of Destiny”. Tacoma’s railroad was connected with its neighboring Commencement Baby, the cities motto then became “When rails meet sails”. The Commencement Bay serves the state of Washington’s largest Port, the Port of Tacoma, as the center of the international trade on the pacific coast. Tacoma has be known for its Gritty image and order from the Pulp Mill, “The aroma of Tacoma”. The city has labor ready residents, blue collar politics. Residents annual income was $37,879 with a 15% poverty rate. Tacoma is a great place to live and ranked 19th as the most walkable cities in the country.Even though the city of Tacoma is beautiful and loved the residents tend to be more stressed than most according to a survey they ranked “most stressed out” in the country. When people are stressed they tend to turn to drugs and alcohol a “stress reliever”.

Stress often leads to Drug and Alcohol Abuse

In a stressful environment it is common for people to turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to deal with the stress. For an addict it is an easy fix to crack open a beer and have a drink,  or roll up a joint and get high. Using drugs and alcohol to hide from stress isn’t solving the problem, it is just creating a new one. There are two main sources of stress, external sources and internal sources. Money, Relationships, Work, and any kind of change are known as external sources of stress. Internal sources of stress can be beliefs, attitudes, problem solving style and thinking style. Where there is a stress there is a sober way of solving it. Stress reduction and stress management are two methods of dealing with stress. With stress reduction techniques you will be able to reduce external sources of stress threw physical and relaxing exercise or just sitting on the couch watching TV, even listening to music. Confronting internal sources of stress threw stress management say to Live in the moment, not to allow the little things to get to you, daily spiritual practice, eat a healthy diet and exercise. Change of lifestyle and way of thinking can allow you a way of dealing with stress much healthier then using drugs and alcohol to cover them up.

Drug abuse and stress

Stressful events, stress in day to day life, can provoke individuals into drug use. Some will choose to abuse drugs as a way that allows them to escape into the drug high and avoid dealing with the source of their stress. Marijuana is a main drug used when an individual is very stressed out because of its calming effect. Stress also plays a large roll is drug relapse, things can become to stressful for some and they run back to drugs as an escape.

Alcohol Abuse and Stress

For some alcohol is a numbing escape from stress. When life seems to get to hard the bottom of a bottle can make things seem like they are perfect. Drinking to the point of blacking out, putting off daily obligations to get drunk, and loosing friends are the result of alcohol abuse. It may be relaxing at the moment to drink but it does not solve problems, it only makes them worse.

Recovery is Possible with Tacoma, WA Rehabs

Enough is enough, entering into a Tacoma rehab program you will be taught to deal with life’s daily stresses without the use of drugs or alcohol. Stop covering up your problems, it is time to solve them, taking the first step on the road to recovery.