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Drug and Alcohol Rehan Programs in Wisconsin

Wisconsin drug and alcohol rehab programs reported a total of 23,050 admissions during 2006, with alcohol accounting for 55% of admissions. Wisconsin has long suffered very high rates of alcohol use, in fact for individuals 12+, 12-17, 12-20 and 26+ the state is ranked among the highest in the country for rates of past month alcohol use as well as past month binge alcohol use. Not only is Wisconsin suffering from overwhelming rates of alcoholism, but in recent years there have been significant increases in admissions mentioning drug use. The distribution, abuse and availability of many illicit drugs are causes of concern throughout Wisconsin. If you or a loved one are suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction you have already made the first step in recovery by visiting this page.

Wisconsin Alcohol Rehab Programs

When measuring Wisconsin rates of past year alcohol dependence or abuse, the state has consistently been ranked higher than the national average, particularly for individuals age 18-25 for which rates have been among the highest in the country. Alcohol has typically been the leading substance mentioned by clients attending rehabs in Wisconsin, and consistently accounts for at least 12,000 admissions annually. Not only does Wisconsin rank among the highest states for rates of alcohol use, but the state is also ranked among the 10 states with the highest rates of unmet need for alcohol treatment. During 2005 there were approximately 442,000 citizens of Wisconsin who reported needing but not receiving treatment for alcohol abuse or dependence.

Drug Rehab programs in Wisconsin

During 2006 there were a total of 10,426 admissions to rehabs in Wisconsin due to the use of illicit drugs. Wisconsin rehabs reported that the use of alcohol with a secondary drug, cocaine and marijuana accounted for the majority of drug rehab admissions. Despite both rates of drug dependence or abuse as well as rates of unmet drug treatment generally being below the national average, Wisconsin had a total of approximately 122,000 citizens who reported needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug use during 2005.

Wisconsin Drug & Alcohol Rehabs

According to drug and alcohol rehab programs a total of approximately 564,000 Wisconsin citizens reported needing but not receiving treatment for the use of alcohol or drugs. Wisconsin is home 290 drug and alcohol rehab programs that are in place to help you or your loved one. More than 60% of these Wisconsin rehabs receive some form of Federal, state, county or local government fund, making these rehab highly accessible and low cost. If you or a loved one are battling alcoholism or drug addiction take the next step in the right direction by contacting us. We will find the right Wisconsin drug and alcohol rehab for you or your loved one.