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Rehab Programs in Kenosha Wisconsin

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Kenosha is the fourth largest city in the state of Wisconsin. Kenosha has a growing population of 99,218 and total area of 24 square miles according to the 2010 United States census.Kenosha is called home by three of Wisconsin’s colleges, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Gateway Technical College, and Carthage College. The city is a big college town and has a large portion of its students abusing Marijuana.

Marijuana is a Commonly used Drug by Kenosha College Students

Marijuana is the second most commonly used drug by college students, alcohol being the first. Marijuana is the most easily available and most widely abused drug in the state of Wisconsin, in college towns such as Kenosha the use of Marijuanna is seen more. Marijuana use by young people, such as college students, has greatly increased since the 1990’s. Monthly Marijuanna use had doubled between 1993 and 1997, lifetime use also rose a great deal, according to a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WDPI) Student Survey.

Many rural areas in the state of Wisconsin are used illegally for cannabis cultivation due to its remoteness. There is an increasing number of indoor growing operations in the Wisconsin area. It is also transported in by Mexican drug cartel and distributed out to gangs and other drug dealers for distribution. The amount of Marijuana available to Kenosha’s young students makes it an affordable drug along with it being easily accessible.

The Effects of Marijuana use

Occasional use of marijuana has minimal affects on a students academics but when the use gets out of control the students gpa may drop, becoming prone to anxiety disorders and panic attacks, known as paradoxical response. Panic attacks and anxiety damage your nervous system, it takes time for damage to heal and the symptoms may continue for a period of time, even after stopping Marijuana use. Seeking help from a rehab counselor will help you threw these symptoms and the recovery process.

Amotivational syndrome is a major problem with abusers of Marijuana. The effects depend on an individual’s genetics,the amount of THC in the Marijuana, the frequency that they use marijuana, and  alcohol or other drug use. Amotivational syndrome  basically decreases the frequency of doing things that need to be done, things that are unappealing tasks such as early classes. Amotivational syndrome creates problems with grades and even loss of financial aid or scholarships because the students GPA has dropped so low. Students will spend less time doing the things they need to do in order to maintain their GPA and get their degree because of regular use of Marijuana.

Not only mental affects will harm you, there are also the physical health affects from Marijuana such as heart and lung disease. There is an increased risk of heart attack due to the use of Marijuana increasing the heart rate and rhythm, this also causes heart palpitations and arrhythmias. Marijuana smoke contains carcinogens, in fact 50 to 70 percent more than cigarettes and because marijuana smoke is typically held in longer than cigarette smoke it is causing more damage to the lungs.

Stop Drug Abuse with Kenosha, Wisconsin Addiction Rehab

It can be difficult to stop the use of Marijuana because of the peer pressure most students fall victim to, many  rituals and friendships revolve around marijuana use.  It is important to your future to confront the problem, change you lifestyle and behavioral patterns and seek help with stopping this addiction. There are many rehab programs that are available to help with Marijuana addiction in the college town of Kenosha Wisconsin.