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Rehab Programs in Madison, Wisconsin

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Madison is the capital of Wisconsin. Known as the second largest city in the state of Wisconsin with a growing population of 233,209. The city has a total area of 84.7 square miles, only 68.7square miles of which are land according to the 2010 census. Madison is also know as “The City of Four Lakes”. Lake Mendota “Forth Lake”, Lake Monona “Third Lake”, Lake Waubesa “Second Lake” and Lake Kegonsa “First Lake” are all located in the Madison area. The Madison area is known for its beauty and brings lots of tourism, keeping its economy strong.

Drug Smuggling is Threatening Lives in Madison

There is a serious drug threat in the Madison Wisconsin area.The availability, distribution and abuse of cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy (MDMA), methamphetamine, marijuana and crack. The number of new users is outrageous. The Mexican drug trafficking organization transports cocaine , methamphetamine and marijuana into the Wisconsin area. The Nigerian criminal groups are known for bringing in heroin. The Dominican criminal groups also transport in cocaine and heroin. Gangs such as Latin Kings and Vice lords are known for direct distribution of most of these drugs to the city of Madison’s residents.

Making poor choices has serious social and health consequences

It is easy to get caught up in the wrong crowd and make poor choices. Peer pressure to use these easily accessible drugs can be over whelming. Every drug will give their own addictive effect that will make it hard to stop after one use. Tolerance to these drugs easily develops making the need for another fix hard to ignore.

Don’t ruin your life with drug abuse. There are serious social and health consequences, it is not all fun and games.

  • Social consequences – You are risking being arrested and spending time in jail for drug use and distribution. When your mind and body craves a drug many will do just about anything to find away to get their next fix, even stealing, prostitution and other illegal activities. Drug addiction can put strain on family life, friendships and romantic relationships, causing constant arguments, lack of trust. The addiction can become to much for friends and family to handle and they will cut off contact to you, loosing that relationship because of an drug addiction, leaving you with no one. It is easy to hit rock bottom.
  • Health consequences – Drugs do not only ruin social lives but it takes a huge hit on your health. Every drug effects the body in a different way causing different health conditions. You are putting constant strain on your internal organs such as your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and brain, over loading them with drugs, risking organ failure. Overdosing for an addict is very common. After abusing a drug for so long the body will build a tolerance and in order to get the same drug effect more will have to be taken, not knowing ones limit the risk of over dosing is high.

Seek Help from a Madison, Wisconsin Rehab Center

Before your drug addiction completely ruins your life seek help immediately! There are numerous drub rehab programs in the Madison Wisconsin area that are here to help you threw detox, provide you with therapy and eduction, helping get you to the point of a full recovery.

The detox process can be scary and painful but the other choice is death, if you do not stop using drugs you will die. It is just a question of how fast the drug will take over, it could be days, weeks, months, maybe even years (if your lucky) until the drug completely consumes your life.

There are counselors that will be there to help you with the emotion stress, giving you someone to talk to about your addiction. Educating you on the drugs you are poisoning you body with. These counselors will help you find ways to keep sober and live a long healthy clean life from now on.

Contact a Madison rehab program today, before it is to late.