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Rehab Programs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin. The city is 96.9 square miles according to the United State census burial, located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. The city’s name “Milwaukee” comes from the Algonquian word “Millioke”, meaing “Good, Beautiful, Pleasant Land”. With a population of 594,833 as of 2010,  Milwaukee Wisconsin is the 28th most populated city in the United States. Milwaukee is also the main cultural and economic center of the Milwaukee-Racine-Waukesha Metropolitan Area, having a population of 1,751,315.

Immigrants made Milwaukee the city it is today

Cultural drinking habits making Alcoholism more common

Milwaukee has homed many different immigrants since the 1800’s, every group of immigrants gave their own form of contribution toward making Milwaukee the city it is today. Many Germans settled in the Milwaukee area, today German heritage carries on in many of its neighborhoods, schools restaurants  and churches. Many polish immigrants call Milwaukee’s south side home. The polish immigrants having a strong Catholic faith, they built many beautiful churches  with high steeples that make the area’s skyline amazing, the churches are still vital centers of the community. Many other European, African-American and Mexican-Americans to called the city of Milwaukee, being parts of their culture and heritage into the city.

With the cultural contributions given by many of the immigrants that came to Milwaukee, they also brought their recreational drug habits and drinking. Germans were known for their beer and alcoholism was very large in their culture.  It is easy to stereotype the “German Drunk” but in the culture it is ok to drink is excess and abuse alcohol.  Unfortunately their drinking habits never left the city and alcoholism is a huge problem. It is always easy to drink that first drink, when it gets to the point of binge drinking or frequent excessive drinking putting the drink down and seeking help for your problem can be the most difficult thing you ever do.

Many Milwaukee Residents are Turning to Drugs

The big businesses provide employment to Milwaukee residents yet their is still a large amount unemployment and families suffering in poverty.

Just like most cities threw out the United States, Milwaukee has some “ware and tare” to it. Milwaukee’s city officials and residents have been working to improve its Neighbor hoods, economy and overall image to the rest of America since the 1980’s. Revitalizing its neighbor hoods, attempting to attract new businesses to the downtown area. Many of Milwaukee’s residents live below the poverty level, a large number of black males are jobless due to the economy. Even though Milwaukee is home to 14 Fortune 1000 companies, ranking fifth in the United States for the number of Fortune 500 Companies. The city has many successful company’s the do provide employment to its residents.

The large number of unemployed lead to finding ways to provide for one family, unfortunately many choose the wrong road and choose to sell drugs. Those at the “bottom of the totem pole” are supplying drugs to the business men and women looking for uppers to help get them threw the day to day. Cocaine is a large problem in the Milwaukee area,  used to give added energy. Many people with stressful, time consuming, exhausting and demanding jobs will turn to cocaine to help get themselves threw the day. What started as a once in a while thing to get that added kick easily becomes an full blown cocaine addiction, out of control, the need for a next fix is unbearable. Tolerance develops the more often cocaine is used, taking more to feel the same effect risks the chance of an over dose, putting strain on the heart and affecting the body’s over all health.

Alcohol & Drug Rehabs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

There are many rehab programs designed to help you drop the bad habits and overwhelming addictions that many Milwaukee residents suffer from. We will help you find ways to enjoy cultural and social gathering in a sober safe way, to deal with stress at work and build energy to get you threw the day. Do not accept your life for what it is as an addict, you are deserving of a healthy sober life.