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Rehab Programs in Racine, Wisconsin

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Racine is the fifth largest city in the state of Wisconsin.The city has a growing population of 82,196 and a total area of 18.7 square miles according to the United States census burial. Racine sits on the shore of Lake Michigan and the mouth of Root River. Racine holds the nickname “The belle city of Lakes”. The city is  a beautiful place to live. As many other cities do, many of Racine’s residents suffer from Alcoholism.

Symptoms and signs of Alcoholism

Drinking problems have many related signs and symptoms. Alcoholism is a progressive disease, the symptoms and effects of drinking will become more severe over time. Early signs of an alcohol use may begin to show immediately, eventually showing symptoms of alcohol abuse. Long term drinking will show symptoms of alcohol dependence or alcoholism.

The early signs of Addiction

People suffering from alcoholism will show early signs such as frequent intoxication, regular heavy drinking, black out drinking and drinking then driving, and other dangerous situations. A drastic change in personality, becoming angry or violent while drinking are early signs of a alcohol problem.

The symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

Continuing to drink even after drinking has caused social and health problems for that person is the main symptom of Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism. Problems such as arrest for drinking and driving, loss of friendship or romantic relationship due to behavior while under the influence, loss of job and not taking care of basic daily responsibilities, deciding to drink alcohol instead. Once a person reaches the stage of dependence they will experience some, at least 3, if not all of these symptoms.

According to the fourth edition of  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the symptoms of alcohol dependence include:

  1. Excessive use of alcohol – Over a long period of time, regardless to intention, alcohol is consumed in large quantities.
  2. Neglect of regular responsibilities – Giving up or reducing the amount of social, occupational or recreational activity’s to use alcohol.
  3. Large amount of time spent in alcohol related activities – a great deal of time revolving around the use of alcohol.
  4. Persistence of use – Continuing use of alcohol regardless of the health and/or social effects on that person, Irresponsible choices with serious repercussions.
  5. Impaired Control – Regular, unsuccessful attempts to cut down or quit alcohol consumption.
  6. Tolerance to alcohol – The need for larger, increasing, amounts of alcohol in order to feel the same effects.
  7. Withdrawal Symptoms – Symptoms such as anxiety, perspiration, shaking, nausea when stopping alcohol use.

Alcohol Detox in Racine, Wisconsin

Alcohol detoxification is to remove toxic substances such as alcohol from you body. When you are ready to stop your addiction to alcohol the thought of the withdrawal process, detox, can be frightening. Millions of people struggle with addiction and resist the idea of drug detox centers because of fear. It is time to put sobriety first and take back control of your life. In Racine Wisconsin there are many rehab centers that will help you threw the detox process with full support, medical, psychiatric and emotional support that will help you complete the recovery process. To help avoid most withdrawal symptoms you will be offered supervised use of approved medication. The alcohol detox program will be in a relaxed environment to help with your healing process.

Racine, Wisconsin Addiction Rehab

Do not hesitate to seek help for your alcohol abuse problem. Regain control of your life before it is to late. Racine Wisconsin Rehab programs are here to help you make the first step towards sobriety.