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Alcohol Rehab Programs in Wyoming

During 2006 alcohol abuse accounted for more than 3,000 admissions to rehabs in Wyoming. The abuse of alcohol has consistently been the leading cause of admission to Wyoming rehabs. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, an annual average of 50% or more rehab admissions mention alcohol use. Wyoming has long struggled with alcohol abuse, and additional reports from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicate that the state has consistently exceeded the national rates of past year alcohol abuse or dependence.

Underage Drinking in Wyoming

These rates are particularly true for the population as a whole as well as individuals age 12-17, for which rates of past year alcohol abuse or dependence have generally been among the highest in the country. During 2007, 18% of admissions to alcohol rehab programs in Wyoming were individuals age 12-20. Underage drinking cost the citizens of Wyoming $153 million in 2007. These cost put Wyoming within the 10 highest of the 50 states for cost per youth of underage drinking. Underage drinking is a widespread and growing issue in Wyoming. An annually estimated 23,000 youth age 12 to 20 in Wyoming drink every year. These youth consumed nearly 16% of all alcohol that was sold in Wyoming during 2007, totaling $50 million in sales of which the alcohol industry profited $25 million according to the Journal of Studies on Alcohol.

Alcohol Treatment in Wyoming

There is an overwhelming need for alcohol treatment within Wyoming. Rates of alcohol abuse or dependence are not the only rates among the highest in the country. Wyoming is also ranked among the highest in the country for the rate of unmet alcohol treatment for the youth age 12-17, and above the national average for the population as a whole. An annual estimate of 35,000 or more alcoholics in Wyoming report needing but not receiving treatment for their alcohol related problem. The most alarming issue is that these numbers are increasing drastically and citizens of Wyoming are not receiving the proper treatment for their alcohol addiction. If you or a loved are searching for an alcohol rehab program in Wyoming contact us for help.