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Rehab Programs in Casper, Wyoming

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Casper is the second largest city of Wyoming. With a population of 53,569, according to the 2010 census. With a history of cowboy culture and oil town, Casper is nicknamed “The Oil City”. Casper is located at the foot of Caper Mountain and the north end of the Laramie mountain Range, in east-central Wyoming, following along the North Platte River. The city is 24.3 square miles according to the United States Census Burial.

Stress is no reason to abuse Drugs and Alcohol

  • Casper has a predominately white population, over 94% Caucasian, the other 6% are either Black, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander or Hispanic/Latino. Leaving minority problems and racism.
  • Over 31% of 24,343 house holds have children under 18 years old. Children can cause stress on marriages and trouble for single parents.
  • Average household income for the city of Casper is $36,567 to $46,267 for families. Over 11% of the population is below poverty line. The lack of income can cause families to become torn.

With racism and cultural discrimination, the stress of raising children (co-parenting or single) or the lack of finances causing tension in the home, it seems easy to turning to a life of drugs or alcohol for comfort. The effects that the drugs or alcohol have on that person numb them for that moment, as if everything is perfect. The reality is that things are far from perfect and substance abuse is only making things worse.

Methamphetamine Addiction in Casper Wyoming

In Casper Wyoming Methamphetamine addiction is on the rise. Methamphetamine is abused more often than other drugs and alcohol because it is easily available and its longer lasting effects.

  • Methamphetamine – also know as “Meth” or “Crystal Meth” . People use meth to have a feeling of increased energy, concentration and alertness. When taken in high doses it is know to increase libido and give a feeling of  calming “bliss”. Methamphetamine is a very addictive drug and hard to quit, relapses are very common.  Users typically suffer from “meth mouth” loosing teeth at alarming rates. Meth can be used by injection, smoking (vaporizing inhalation), snorting or by suppository (anal or vaginal). Each way of use carries their own health risks. Major health risks include heart disease, anxiety, psychosis, depression (resulting in suicide) and violent behaviors. This is a very hard drug to withdraw from, symptoms very, hallucination are very common for users. The health of users are not the only ones at risk, meth labs are risking the health of the general public by exposing them to chemical fumes and risk of chemical explosions.

Law enforcement are doing all they can to stop the manufacturing, sale and use of Methamphetamine in Casper WY. They have successfully shut down numerous meth labs, taking large quantities of meth off the streets. Law enforcement officers are at risk themselves, dealing with users and the violent behaviors typically exhibited during the “tweaking stage”.  During this stage the user has been up for days and looking for their next fix, they are typically very unstable in their mood and violent at this point. Users and produces of Meth have been linked to violent crimes in the Casper WY area, such as domestic violence and child neglect, even homicide. The paranoia that follows Meth use can lead to assault, murder of family member or children.

Methemphetomine give a feeling of euphoria but destroys families and lives.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Casper Wyoming

It is always easy to give up, to quit, except when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. You are what is important, you physical and mental health. Do not allow drugs and alcohol to over come your life. Casper WY has rehab programs that are able to help you over come your addiction.  We understand how hard it can be to quit, It takes will power. If you are ready to commit to quitting we will help you every step of the way.

You may be numbing your feelings for a moment but once that moment is gone what are you left with….Look into a rehab program in the Casper WY area, get your life back, you are important.