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Rehab Programs in Laramie, Wyoming

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Laramie Wyoming

Laramie is a city in the  southeastern area of the state of Wyoming. The city is located along the Laramie river,  just west of the capital, Cheyenne. The city is set in the Laramie Valley between the Laramie Rance and Snowy range, the beautiful location attracts outdoors enthusiasts all year round. Laramie has a total area of 11.2 square miles and population of  80,816 according to the 2010 census.

Residents of Laramie are primarily employed by the Laramie Regional Airport, one of their 3 colleges or small business’ serving tourists year round. The average house hold income is $27,319 with over 22% of the cities residents below poverty level. It can be a financial struggle to get by in today’s economy.

College Town

Laramie is considered a college town. The University of Wyoming, Wyoming Technical Institutes and Laramie County Community College call the city home. The number of colleges in Laramie put the number of underage drinking and drug use off the charts.

Underage Drinking in Laramie, WY

Under age drinking is extremely dangerous for both to the minor and to society. Underage alcohol consumption is directly related to numerous traffic fatalities within the city of Laramie. Violence, unprotected sex, suicide, educational failure, and other  behavioral problems can be a result of alcohol consumption in a minor. The effect that alcohol has on a minors life will destroy prospects of a successful future, as well as affecting their health. According to the Wyoming Liquor Division, underage drinkers are responsible for approximately 20% of alcohol consumed in Laramie WY.

Underage drinkers ages 13 to 16 will generally get alcohol by stealing from parents. Drinkers age 16 to 18 are believed to get alcohol from their friends. College age, 18-20, underage drinkers will use fake identification to purchase the alcohol themselves or if that fails they will seek out drinkers 21 and over to purchase them alcohol.

Laramie’ Law Enforcement is putting a STOP to underage drinking!

Laramie’s law enforcement officials are cracking down on the underage drinking problem in their city with compliance checks and the “shoulder tap” program.

  • Compliance Check – Laramie’s police officers will send a underage, minor, person into a liquor store or bar to purchase alcohol. If the store clerk ask the minor for Identification, the minor must say/show that they are underage. If the clerk neglects to ask for Identification and allows the minor to purchase the liquor their business will be fined and potential lose the license to sell alcohol.
  • Shoulder Tap Program -Laramie’s police officers watch as outside liquor stores and bars underage people ask of-age people to purchase them alcohol. Once the of-age, adult, person leaves the liquor store or bar giving the alcohol to the underage, minor, person the officer will approach the adult giving them a ticket and court date.

The university of Wyoming’s “AWARE” program fights underage drinking within their students.

AWARE (Alcohol Wellness Alternatives, Research, & Education) program  promotes the message of  healthy choices about the use of alcohol and other drugs. This program educated students on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. The program is about the prevention of substance abuse in minors. AWARE work to address alcohol-related issues within the university’s students with three levels, the university and surrounding community, the student population as a whole and  the individual student.

  1. University and surrounding community: The AWARE program’s  “A-Team”,  a campus–community coalition, works to prevent underage drinking threw out the campus.
  2. Student population as a whole: AWARE provides alcohol education and skills training threw peer programs for students.
  3. Individual student: Students who received and alcohol related citation are provided one on one individualized alcohol education and skill training by an AWARE staff member.

Addiction Rehabs are Essential to your Recovery in Laramie WY

In college you are trying to find out who exactly you are, what you want to do with the rest of your life. At times the pressure of your studies and peer pressure can become to much to handle. Alcohol consumption is used for  recreational “fun”, as well as to help relax and give a “numb” feeling to cover the stress of the day to day life of a college student. Law enforcement, educators, parents and peers are here to help you take the step towards sobriety, to help you get back your future.